Friday, September 21, 2012

Huckabee endorses Billy Long

(From Huck PAC)

Governor Mike Huckabee issued the following statement about Congressman Billy Long:
Huck PAC and I are proud to endorse Congressman Billy Long for reelection to Congress in Missouri's 7th District.
As a former business owner, Billy knows first-hand how government regulation and heavy taxes can affect the small businesses that serve as the economic engine of our country. Billy is a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, where he fights to protect the American people from terror threats abroad, strengthen our borders at home, and keeping America’s infrastructure safe from terrorist threats. Billy also is a member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, where he works to keep America’s roads, rails, and runways safe for commuters as traffic and infrastructure continue to increase.  Missouri ranks seventh in the number of highway miles in the country.
Billy believes the government should not be in the business of choosing winners and losers.   He knows that when the government tries to interfere in the market place, such as with bailouts, it rewards bad behavior by transferring wealth from those who made smart investments to those who made bad investments.  Not only is this practice an irresponsible use of government, it leaves us poorer as a society.
Billy Long is 100 percent pro-life. He believes in the sanctity of human life, that life begins at conception and he believes in protecting the rights of the unborn.
I hope you will join Huck PAC and me in supporting Billy Long for reelection to Congress in Missouri's 7th Congressional District.

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