Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Ed Martin: I will crack down on ballot box corruption

(From the Ed Martin for Attorney General campaign)

Ed Martin, Republican nominee for Attorney General, vowed today that he will end 20 years of do-nothing Attorneys General on election fraud issues by cracking down on phony voter registrations and ballot box corruption.

Martin spotlighted Koster’s recent attempt to deceive voters about prejudiced ballot language on ObamaCare as a key point in the case against the liberal incumbent. Martin said that Koster, as Attorney General, approved Carnahan’s biased ballot language, then sent a staff lawyer to court to argue in favor of the Carnahan-Koster language. Only after the court threw out the language did Koster decline to appeal the case as an attempt to appear "impartial."

“Koster is John Kerry,” Martin said. “He was for Robin Carnahan’s deceit before he was against it.” 

Martin also highlighted the fundamental importance of honest election in a democracy.

“Fair and honest voting is fundamental to American freedom and self-government. As the reform chairman if the St. Louis City Elections Board, I saw then Attorney General Nixon turn a blind eye to corruption attempts by liberal Democrat constituent groups like ACORN, and Koster has done the same. This will end when I am Attorney General. I will prosecute fraud and attempted fraud. Koster has brought not one single case.”

As chairman of the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners, Martin was tasked with cleaning up city elections and he did just that. He stood strong and took on ACORN’s longstanding attempts to corrupt our voting process with no help or support from then-Attorney General Jay Nixon, who chose to turn a blind eye to the rampant problems in elections in Missouri over the past 15 years.

“The problem of voter fraud and the need to fight every day to make every vote count is something that I know from my time working on the St. Louis Election Board. I will be vigilant in my quest to ensure that every eligible person is able to vote and to make sure we protect the integrity of our elections from voter fraud,” Martin said.

President Obama’s federal lawyer, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, has already made clear his preference for stopping common sense efforts to stop voter fraud like a photo ID requirement. Here in Missouri, Attorney General Chris Koster has failed to take up even one case of election fraud.

“Because he is consumed about politics and power, Obama’s Lawyer Chris Koster is happy to look the other way as groups and individuals corrupt our election process and violate the law,” Martin said. “When I am Attorney General, I will assist local prosecutors and clerks in every way I can to fight fraud and I will make sure we don’t have another case of elected officials trying to push their agenda by means of biased ballot language.”

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