Tuesday, September 04, 2012

List of sportsmen for Ed Martin to be released today

(From the Ed Martin for attorney general campaign)

Preeminent national and state leaders in the fight to protect our Second Amendment freedoms today announced their support for Ed Martin for Missouri Attorney General and launched "Sportsmen for Martin."

National chair of the Martin effort to protect Missourians' Second Amendment freedoms will be Richard Heller of Washington, D.C., the plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court ruling in D.C. v. Heller. In Missouri, well-known sport shooter and youth sport shooting devotee Willis Corbett of St. Louis will be chair of Sportsmen for Martin.

“Ed Martin is a passionate fighter for freedom,” Heller said. “He firmly believes in the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, especially the second amendment. Missouri will be fortunate to have a freedom-fighter like Ed Martin as Attorney General.”

Willis Corbett agrees. “No one has fought harder for our second Amendment rights than Ed Martin. As Governor Blunt's chief of staff he played a very important role in the sporting profession and has been a great help for educational shooting programs in the state. I know he will continue to do so as Attorney General.”

“I'm honored to be endorsed by these courageous defenders of our Second Amendment freedoms,” Martin said. “I am committed to fighting for our rights and freedoms which are under attack from those pushing the liberal progressive agenda, including Obama’s Lawyer. I am glad to know that I am joined in this fight by Mr. Heller and Mr. Corbett.”

Martin is a member of the NRA and helped push legislation for Missouri’s castle doctrine as Chief of Staff to Governor Matt Blunt. Obama’s Lawyer, incumbent liberal Chris Koster, has consistently failed to stand up for Missourians’ second amendment freedom. Recently, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli joined thirteen other states and filed an amicus brief in support of the second amendment in Woollard v. Gallagher, but Koster has refused to take action, just as Koster refused to take any part in the legal challenge to ObamaCare.

Sportsmen for Ed Martin is a coalition of members from all 114 Missouri counties and St. Louis City who support Martin. The complete coalition will be released on Tuesday.

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