Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Spence campaign: Is the North Carolina Jay Nixon the same as the Missouri one?

(From the Dave Spence for governor campaign)

As the Democratic National Convention begins in Charlotte, North Carolina today, Missourians should be asking themselves if Governor Jay Nixon’s words there will match what he says in Missouri.  Jay Nixon is traveling to North Carolina to lead the Missouri delegation in nominating President Obama and Vice-President Biden for a second term even though Missourians are not better off than they were four years ago.

                For the leader of the Missouri Democrats, Jay Nixon’s campaign commercials strike a perplexing tone. He acts like he’s different than people in Washington, most of whom he’ll be spending the next few days with.  So enterprising reporters covering the DNC should ask Nixon, if they can find him, the following questions:
  1. ​Will you push for the massive expansion of social welfare spending called for in Obamacare?  You supported Medicaid expansion in 2008, and now your Republican challenger has said that under his administration Missouri would not expand Medicaid and he would do everything in his power to reject Obamacare.  Missourians deserve to know your plans before they vote in November.  The Supreme Court decision was several weeks ago– it’s time to answer the question.
  2. What is your response to the Missouri Supreme Court decision throwing out non-economic damage caps in medical malpractice cases?  Will you work to institute new caps or force doctors to leave our state?  The decision was weeks ago, what is your position?
  3. 45,000 fewer Missourians are working than when you took office and our workforce participation rate is at its lowest level since 1985, why do you think you’ve earned a second term?
  4. Are your campaign commercials claiming that “now” Missouri has a triple-A credit rating when we’ve had that rating since the 1960’s misleading?  Are those same commercials misleading since they say you balanced the budget, which is a constitutional requirement?
  5. You said earlier this year that you only pay attention to what other states are doing when it relates to sporting events, but Kansas just passed a major tax reform measure that is going to entice Missouri jobs to leave our state for Kansas.  What is your plan to deal with this dire situation?  Who have you met with to discuss the situation? 
                “Jay Nixon has had four years to improve the lives of Missourians, but we’re not better off,” said Jared Craighead, Spence for Governor Campaign Manager.  “Jay Nixon’s refusal to answer direct questions about Missouri’s economy, Obamacare, how to save forty-five thousand kids in unaccredited schools and nearly every other issue important to Missouri voters makes clear that he’s out of touch and out of time.  Missourians deserve a proven job creator as governor who will tackle the tough issues and get Missourians back to work.  That person is Dave Spence.”

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