Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Spence campaign: Nixon's shell game robbing taxpayers

(From the Dave Spence for governor campaign)

Today State Auditor Tom Schweich released an audit detailing Jay Nixon’s budget shell games, overspending and taxpayer abuse.  The audit points out that Governor Nixon has charged state agencies approximately $1.7 million to pay for his office functions.  Dollars that otherwise would have been used by those agencies to perform their governmental functions instead went to travel, meal, lodging and other costs for Jay Nixon.

 “This audit confirms that Jay Nixon’s shell games have robbed the taxpayers of dollars that could have otherwise funded education, paid for scholarships, been used for job training or any number of more important uses than flying Nixon around the state for photo-ops,” said Jared Craighead, Spence for Governor Campaign Manager.  “Jay Nixon’s abuse of the taxpayers is so bad that he doesn’t even own his own home; he sold his old house to a campaign contributor and now lives entirely off the taxpayers.  This audit makes clear that Missouri needs a new CEO focused on creating jobs instead of a governor who spends his time raiding other state agencies’ budgets to pay for his housing, meals and travels.”


Anonymous said...

Who really cares about what Spence says when he doesn't know he has a degree in cooking and sewing and not money management.

Anyone that will misrepresent their education will lie about anything else.

Dave R

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nixon does need to get his financial house in order. The audit doesn't look good for him.