Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ed Emery on Sandy Hook: Who is mourning victims of abortion?

I missed this one when it was originally posted, less than three days after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, issued the following statement on his Facebook page:

Our nation and the world grieve and openly weep for the 22 innocent and defenseless children murdered last week in Connecticut. Last year over 12,600 innocent and defenseless children were killed in Connecticut by abortion. Where is their mourning? Where are the outrage and the cries for action? Will the same administration now demanding action over the murder of 22 Connecticut children continue to sanction the murder of 12,600, or will they also demand government action to stop the murder of the thousands? Can a nation who so casually kills its most innocent and defenseless expect its progeny to honor and sanctify life?

This continues Emery's attempts to link every serious issue that he encounters with abortion. When he was chairman of a special committee on immigration, the committee's final report included a notation that Missouri's immigration problems were caused by abortion. None of the other commitee members ever mentioned anything about this cause and effect, but Emery stated during the open meetings, that if Missourians had not had so many abortions, there would be so many workers there would be no need for illegal immigrants to be in the state.

As for Emery's Sandy Hook statement, as you will notice it includes only one sentence about the victims of the senseless massacre of schoolchildren and not one word about the kind of high-powered weaponry that made it possible (or for that matter about the cuts in mental health budgets that have made it much more possible for people like the Sandy Hook shooter to slip through the cracks.).

Of course, that should come as no surprise since Emery made his views on guns abundantly clear at a September campaign stop in Adrian:

“We need guns to be protected from the tyranny of government,” Emery said to a loud outburst of spontaneous applause. Emery continued to talk about that for a few moments, then added, “Barack Obama has showed us what tyranny looks like.”

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