Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Joplin Schools release details of hunt for new administration building

(From Joplin Schools)

The Long-Range School Facilities Planning Committee met recently to continue their efforts towards developing recommendations regarding facilities at Joplin Schools. The goal is for these recommendations to be submitted to Joplin Schools Board of Education for review this spring. Five subcommittees made up of close to 50 members including staff, parents, and the community will review the following over the next few months:

Joplin Schools Administration Building: relocation options

Existing schools/building needs: reviewing the current/future needs of existing schools and buildings
Buildings and property: analyzing existing property that is not currently in use

Future construction needs: consideration given to current new construction needs and future growth

Five-year capital outlay needs: review repair and renovation items that should occur within the next five years

One of the topics that has drawn interest recently is the relocation of the district's administration offices. The last day for administration at the former Missouri Department of Transportation facility is May 31, 2015. The district has been leasing the space from the state for the last three years at a much reduced cost. The state worked closely with the district following the tornado and has continued to help the district during its recovery.

The subcommittee reviewing this issue established the following guidelines, pending a cost benefit analysis:

Review existing district facilities and property that may have the capacity to keep all administrative services together.

Research affordable lease/purchase opportunities in the community.

As the subcommittee begins its work, it was discussed that:

The location of administration was important with a preference to a location in the center of the community.

Keeping administrative services together in one location was important for staff, parents, and community.

Using existing property owned by the district was preferred (For example Memorial Education Center, etc.).


Anonymous said...

This doesn't have anything to do with this post, but I'm hoping someone can send Mr. Turner some information about what I heard at the hospital today. I heard one of our board members lost his job because of drugs. Is this true? We need to know if there is a board member on drugs. That's as bad as driving drunk, or worse. That member should step down. These people set the worst examples for kids and the community. I hope we can get the truth here. We won't anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

So, all other areas had to go back to pre-tornado personnel numbers, but not the admin. Gosh no. They could though and go back where they were and put an alternative school at Memorial. It has everything they need already there. But that would make sense, so that won't happen. They'll just keep cramming kids that don't give a crap in with my kids who want to learn. It must not get enough media attention to do that.

Anonymous said...

With schools like Columbia needing construction assistance, an administration building isn't high on a priority list when there are available spaces like memorial or the 15th St. building. No one wants to see an extravagant building. Cut back on all those admin. Bldg. positions that have been added.

Anonymous said...

They do not want Memorial. MJ told them about all of the asbestos, mold, pigeon dung and so on.

Not good enough for important people.

Anonymous said...

The board has already spent 40% of the capital budget for the next five years on the budget overrun of the high school. They don't have enough money to fix the current schools and go big on an administration building. They are just going to have to find a way to live within their means.

Anonymous said...

I hope Huff doesn't expect taxpayers to foot the bill for a new building for Admin. They managed to pass the previous bond issue by 47 votes but I doubt they could find 47 people total who would vote to fund a building for them now. Pitch a circus tent over a couple of those unused tennis courts and put them there.

Anonymous said...

Will CJ be here to move to another building??????