Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Joplin Schools release: This is how we get new school board members in line

(From Joplin Schools)

On Tuesday, Nov. 11, Joplin Schools Board of Education met to review their self evaluation facilitated by the Missouri School Board Association. The self evaluation included more than 100 questions over a variety of topics including how the school board works together, the role of the school board, student achievement, professional development, school data, and more. During the two-hour session, members discussed the results of the survey and identified several common areas of focus including:

Monitoring student achievement through progress reports throughout the year and watching for annual improvement 

Clear and measurable expectations for the superintendent

Making decisions based on data and making sure the data presented is useful

Additional staff, parent, and patron engagement to assist the board with determining what is important to stakeholders and to encourage their participation in district accomplishments and challenges

"We have several new board members, and this self evaluation is a first step in helping our board work more closely together to benefit the students, staff, and patrons of Joplin Schools," said Anne Sharp, BOE president. "Understanding the areas where we have differences of opinion and working together to develop a clear direction will make us a stronger, more effective board."

The meeting adjourned early to allow board members to attend the annual Celebration of Schools event held by the Southwest Center for Educational Excellence. During that celebration, several Joplin Schools' staff members were recognized for their achievements this past year including JHS teacher Karisa Boyer, Athletic Director Jeff Starkweather, JHS Assistant Principal Sandra Cantwell, and FTC instructor John Rutledge.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of school board members. can someone please clarify for me if the rumor I heard at the hospital today has any truth to it? I heard that one of the board members was fired for doing drugs. As a parent, I'd like to know the truth. That's worse than driving drunk, for gosh sakes. If anyone has any info, would you please post or send to Mr. Turner? We need to know.

Anonymous said...

You mean they're going to interact with the patrons again? Oh my, bestill my beating heart. Talking to the commoners. What next?

Anonymous said...

How will they know if their data is useful when the same pack of fools that destroyed the district is the same pack getting the data? I'm sure those numbers will say whatever needs to be said until the rest of the pack can get out of town. What a joke this was.

Anonymous said...

His job is open but I haven't heard why.

Anonymous said...

What are clear and measurable expectations for a superintendent? Height and weight? Scores? It must be the new members pushing for this and community involvement. It sure as hell isn't the old members that cut us off and have paid no attention at all to what their pretty boy is doing.

Anonymous said...

someone fired hope it is Landis

Anonymous said...

5:52 pm

It cannot be attendance. That is only applicable to students and "employees." He is neither.

Anonymous said...

Well isn't that interesting. Heard at the hospital, must have been Freemen. Simple deduction narrows it down to McGrew, Steele or Kimbrough. CJ would never allow his "little" buddy" Landis to be ripped away from him. Kimbrough said he was leaving anyway. McGrew works at the hospital where it was heard. And Steele, well, we all know about him. So you have your answer, it's do you choose to believe it or not?

Anonymous said...

You can't be fired from an elected office. And, how is doing drugs worse than driving drunk? Driving drunk (or high on drugs) puts other people in danger.

Anonymous said...


You are absolutely correct. It is an elected office, He was not elected. He was appointed. He still has the same protection as any elected board member. Sucks, don't it?

Anonymous said...


I think it would be helpful if you could post whatever document the BOE is legally bound to follow: A constitution, bylaws, something.

Of course if they have no such accountability, that too is important to know; and shoud be addressed.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

We need to elect all new board members who want to listen to parents! ! I say we vote new board members