Thursday, November 20, 2014

MO GOP: Obama has slapped the face of every immigrant who entered legally

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

Missouri GOP Chairman Ed Martin released the following statement on President Obama’s executive overreach:

“We are a nation of laws and immigrants. Over the last six years the President has repeatedly said he did not have the authority to act alone. And time and time again the President has mislead and deceived the American people.

“Our Constitution separates powers of authority among three distinct branches of government, giving the President the power to enforce laws not rewrite them on a whim or as he sees fit.

“We agree with the President, we have an immigration problem. His failure to not enforce existing immigration laws and leaving our borders insecure only makes the problem worse. Sadly, but not unexpectedly, the President has poisoned the process less than a month after Americans sent a clear message to the President.

“The very first action the President has taken, following the historic rejection of his policies, is to slap the face of every immigrant that went through the legal process to become American citizens.

“I have all confidence that the Republican Congress will fight to uphold the Constitution.”

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