Thursday, November 27, 2014

Reader: Climate of fear continues to grow at East Middle School

A reader left the following comment to the post Bud Sexson: We've Had a Culture Problem at East Middle School, which detailed Sexson's report at Tuesday night's Joplin R-8 Board of Education meeting:

I agree 100% with Mr. Sexson. There is a culture problem at East Middle School. However, this is the only thing we agree on. 

The culture problem was not with the 10 that left, but rather with the 2 that remain- Mr. Sexson and Mr. Weaver. They fail to acknowledge or take responsibility for their inability to be leaders. They are also unable to admit that their educational experiments are dismal failures. Instead, they harass and bully staff. The culture of fear in the Joplin District is best exemplified at East Middle School. 

Teachers are scared to take a stand because Mr. Sexson and Mr. Weaver, with the complete support of Dr. Huff, have made examples of those who dare to disagree. To say it is a hostile work environment would be an understatement. Teachers who ask questions, dare to write a referral, or who aren't in the administrations inner-circle of favorites are harassed until they leave.

 Yes Mr. Weaver, referrals are down because there is no discipline. You do not know the professional method of handling discipline. Giving teachers binders of suggestions, screaming and turning red are not professional, nor are they acceptable. Teachers do not write referrals because they are the ones reprimanded, not the student. Students are encouraged to "run to the principal to tell on the teacher". 

The climate of fear, mixed with experimental educational practices at the whim of two administrators that are constantly in competition with each other is not healthy for adults or children. 

It is also not ethical that Mr. Sexson is rarely at work due to his inability to take care of his personal business on his own time. He is using the taxpayers' time to have his cable installed, take care of his banking, and have maintenance done on his vehicles. And, yet Dr. Huff and the BOE let it continue. 

Dr. Huff and the BOE cannot declare innocence because they have been told numerous times about the problems at East, complete with detailed documentation. They have been begged to investigate. They turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. 

No, the culture has not changed with the 10 that left. The culture at East continues to be a problem. Mr. Sexson and Mr. Weaver engage in a daily power struggle, teachers are isolated in their "houses" -therefore trust and cooperative teaching are not nurtured, there is still an absence of discipline and sound educational practices, and the climate is fear continues to grow.


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