Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Former KODE sports anchor stops robbery

Former KODE sports anchor Russ Riesinger, now the anchor at WSAV in Savannah, Georgia, found himself in the news this week when he stopped a robbery at a PetSmart store.

WSAV's Russ Riesinger was in the store when the man announced a robbery, grabbed cash from the register and ran out of the door.

Riesinger chased the suspect to Victory Drive where he and another man held him until police arrived.

The robbery happened around 8 p.m.

"I saw Russ take off out the door. I went out the door and followed Russ and then a couple of good Samaritans from Chipotle Grill stepped in. They apprehended him and nobody was hurt. It has a good ending for everybody," said PetSmart employee Priscilla Nelson. "We are just grateful to Russ."

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