Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Don't worry about a search, K. C; we have a superintendent for you

What an opportunity for the Kansas City School District as it begins its search for a new superintendent..

Coincidentally, we have one for you right here in Joplin.

Don't pay any attention to the petition to get rid of him, ot the millions of dollars in "might-as-well" spending. You have an opportunity to get someone who was a finalist for Missouri Commissioner of Education, is a nationally known speaker and, according to his publicity, he was the man who saved Joplin after the tornado.

Give him a chance to save Kansas City, too.

For those of you who actually want to know about the search for a new superintendent, the accompanying video is from Kansas City's 41 Action News.


Anonymous said...

think residents of joplin would chip in to buy out his contract? Should that be a stumbling block.

Anonymous said...

Cue the music:
"Let him go..."

Anonymous said...

We would be ahead to buy his contract as much money as he wastes. What would he cry about there?