Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reader disagrees with Globe version of Joplin R-8 Board meeting

The Joplin Globe article on Tuesday night's Joplin R-8 Board of Education meeting referred to former board member Jim Kimbrough having "a handful of petitions" as he applied for the board seat left open by the resignation of former Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts.

That description did not sit well with Adrianne Pfeffer, who submitted the following comment to the Globe and was kind enough to allow me to use it as well:

Jim Kimbrough "brought with him to his interview a handful of petitions that people had signed in his support."
This is an inaccurate statement.

Do you really think a handful of petitions equals over 300 NOTARIZED, COMMUNITY SIGNATURES/SUPPORTERS? Did any other applicants submit ANY petitions? No, they did not. This article, conveniently, omits crucial facts, blatantly disregards, community voices, by minimizing the actual outcome, & has an obvious bias opinion, regarding the vacant seat. I pay for this newspaper...& the "accurate" investigative reporting is declining, while the writers are manipulating the community with their underlying thoughts.

One candidate stated, "I have been reading the articles in the Globe, & based on what they have written...this is what I know about the school district's concerns." Many people read the Globe because they are working & are unable to attend certain functions, meetings, etc; therefore, they depend on the Globe, to get things right, & report it, accurately, in their absence.

Either, accurately report everything...the good, the bad, the ugly...or don't write the articles 'til you have completed all the necessary legwork, to ensure your readers are receiving accurate, unbiased, factual information. People are paying for the Globe to be the voice, the investigators, the REPORTERS, of the community. We are not paying for you to "muddy up", situations; to misinform us; to manipulate us; to keep us in the dark, shedding light, only onto areas, of your choosing.

Not happy with your coverage, your obvious, personal spins, & your inaccurate reporting. Stop putting your own spin on things, & report facts. You want to give "your" opinions, manipulations, etc...then, write into your "View" section...isn't that what it's for, anyway?


Anonymous said...

Well said, Adrianne, well said.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Well said, Adrianne. Unfortunately I believe the Globe is a lost cause. I dropped them shortly after the tornado. They have no interest in informative, unbiased news coverage.

Anonymous said...

That's why we don't have the glop at our house any more.