Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Report: Speaker of the House had relationship with MSSU intern

The reason Missouri Southern State University officials decided to pull the university's legislative interns out of Jefferson City became clear today with a Kansas City Star article that indicated Speaker of the House John Diehl had been exchanging sexually charged text messages with a freshman intern.

The Star said the intern told "confidants" she was having a relationship with Diehl, 49, a Town and County Republican, who has a wife and three children.

The newspaper printed some of the text messages it had obtained between Diehl and the intern:

Screenshots of the text messages between Diehl and the intern are punctuated throughout with emoticons and emojis — cartoonish faces that smile or wink. They paint a picture of playful sexual innuendo.

Her: “You better take care of me.”

Diehl: “Like how?”

Her: “I’ll bet you’ll figure it out.”

Diehl: “I dunno. You have always been disappointed;)”

Her: “I just have high expectations, I guess. Thus far, you’ve done pretty well (an emoji blows a kiss)”

Diehl: “:). I kinda want to hear what you are expecting”

Then, shortly after, he types: “You will be in good hands :)”

At one point Diehl texts her “God I want you right now,” to which she replies “I wish you could have me right now.”

In another exchange, she sends a picture of herself in a bikini and Diehl responds: “Damn girl …”


Shortly after he writes: “I want to see more” followed by a smiling emoji.

Another exchange centered on Diehl texting that he was “Laying in bed looking at your pic :)”

She responded: “Mmmmm why can’t I be there :)”

Diehl shared photos as well, including one apparently taken while he was on a trade mission to Europe with Gov. Jay Nixon. The picture shows the speaker standing next to a luxury car in Munich, Germany.

Read more here:

A Missouri Southern official told the star that in the past when legislative interns are pulled out of Jefferson City, it has been because of problems with the interns, but that was not the case this time.

The Star investigation and the MSSU official statements seem to indicate that Sen. Ron Richard, R-Joplin, was less than truthful in an interview about the subject with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch last month.

“The president called me and told me they weren’t getting along,” Richard said. Asked if he meant they weren’t getting along with legislators, Richard said: “Among themselves.”

The rumor about DIehl and the intern was first printed in the Missouri Scout blog, which Richard decided to disparage despite the fact that what ir printed appears to be exactly what happened.

Asked whether he had heard of problems on the House side, Richard said: “You can hear all kinds of stuff. I just never pay attention. I try to think the best of people. I don’t read blogs. I just figure half of it is BS.”


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha.....*smiley face*wink*wink*

Anonymous said...

I don't know which is more disgusting, Slimeball Diehl and his proclivity for sweet young things or Senator Richard and his abiity to ignore what is going on in his own backyard if it aids him politically. Not paying attention is how people like CJ Huff become so entrenched that it takes a monumental effort to get them out of power, and it allows a young person to be taken advantage of by a person who should be trustworthy.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember ever meeting a politician who I felt was trustworthy, and they continue to prove me right on that. Perhaps Senator Richard was too busy protecting his wealthy donors while screwing over the working folk to pay attention to what Diehl was, shall we say, doing. It's always about partisanship and self-promotion, not about responsibility to community and country. Shame on you, Senator Richard, for lying to us and for turning your back on this situation.

Anonymous said...

The most interesting thing I heard about this--the immediate response from Richard Miller, Dean of Arts and Sciences, was "well, it can't be Joanna Derfelt's fault (she is supposed to supervise the interns). Yes, the students are adults, but she's getting paid to run this program and simply can't be bothered.

Anonymous said...

I guess we can hardly blame high school students for their "selfies" when the elected officials of the state can't control themselves. That's why the lowest circles in hell are saved for corrupt leaders. They take down the whole community with them when they cave to their base impulses. Grotesque. Sickening that he was not held accountable for it immediately. Diehl, Richard, Woolston, the school board, Huff Speck, and Rohr are all examples of what is wrong with our country. Ego, greed, corrupt power, and a lack of ethics will destroy us all.

Anonymous said...

"I don't read blogs. I figure half of it is BS." As opposed to what Richard said about the interns, which was 100% BS. Perhaps he should emulate the blogs, which would cut his BS factor by 50%.

Good job, Senator, good job.

Anonymous said...

I smelled something when I saw that all the internships had ended early.

"Family Values" Republican?

Anonymous said...

Married with Children?

Anonymous said...

Let's make a Diehl!

Anonymous said...

Why bring back all of the interns? Punish all of them because of one? That seems strange. Seems like removing the offending one should be sufficient. There is more to this story, it would seem.

Anonymous said...

I find the reaction of people around town to be appalling. It would seem this is acceptable for an older, married father of three in an elective office if the other party is an "adult" of 19. Really? I am appalled. This is abuse of power. It is sick. Is this how he would want his daughter treated some day? When she is all of 19? I would bet it isn't the first, but since he is from the Right, then suddenly an egregious sin and abuse of power is not newsworthy.

He should step down from office immediately, and those who covered it up should be censured. I agree that those who have power have a responsibility to provide leadership through example. You cannot say on the one hand that gay marriage is the downfall of society and turn a blind eye upon actions like this.

Anonymous said...

If you think Ron Richard and Charlie Davis didn't know what was going on, then I have some land to sell you in Florida. They knew and were more than willing to "sweep it under the rug" for their own political agenda. Diehl's behavior is disgusting. Step down speaker -there is nothing left for you to say.

Anonymous said...

Shame on MSSU for sending a freshman to the capital in the first place. The 19 year old intern is a naive, easily impressed child who is one semester out of high school. Those who knew about this scandal and didn't take any action share the guilt. John Diehl is a sexual predator who has probably done this before but just didn't get caught. I feel bad for his family and the intern's family. How heartbreaking for them! He needs to resign and those defending his actions should be ashamed. What if it was your daughter?

Anonymous said...

What has gone unsaid in all of this is how the Joplin Globe got scooped by the Kansas City Star. Eli Yokley must have been asleep at the switch. He then started tweeting about it yesterday, after the Star broke the story. MSSU's role in all of this should also be questioned.