Monday, October 05, 2015

Greitens campaign manager: Our fundraising has dwarfed our opponents

(From Greitens for Governor)

Today, Greitens for Governor Campaign Manager, Danny Laub, released the following statement: "The support Eric Greitens has received on his mission to move Missouri forward has shattered all expectations, and has the establishment political class in both parties running scared. The choice is clear: It's a proven conservative warrior who has spent his life on the front lines solving problems, running against career politicians and political insiders who have spent their lives creating problems. 

It's clear that Missourians are ready for a conservative outsider who can deliver results. Not only has our fundraising dwarfed every opponent (including liberal Democrat Chris Koster)*, our grassroots momentum has too. Thousands of Missourians have committed to joining our team and we look forward to continuing to share Eric's conservative message with voters in every corner of Missouri."

Note: *Numbers are based off of data from the Missouri Ethic’s Commissions’ contributions over $5,000 reports. Every contribution in excess of $5,000 received by a committee must be reported to the commission within 48 hours. These contributions must also be included on the committee’s next full disclosure report.

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