Thursday, January 12, 2017

MODOT issues travel advisory for tonight through Sunday

For Thursday through Sunday, January 12-15
Icy weather including freezing rain and sleet will move through southwest Missouri area tonight through the weekend.  MoDOT plows are on the road pre-treating and will be out throughout the storm as necessary.  Road conditions may change quickly and drivers are urged to use caution if traveling.

Road Clearing: MoDOT crews are out pre-treating all state routes in southwest Missouri today with a mix of salt and aggregate. Once the storm arrives, MoDOT crews will run routes on major roads like I-44, I-49, Route 65, Route 60 and Route 13, etc. that carry the most traffic. As crews can, they will move to lesser traveled roadways. They will plow and treat the roads as necessary until those roads are in clear condition. However, as long as there is precipitation in the area, roads will remain slick in areas.

As they can, crews will treat hills, curves and intersections on lesser traveled roads.

Drivers are urged to give ALL plows ample room to work.  Please stay back at least 100 feet from the back of a plow.

Travel Conditions: Roadways will become slick in areas with freezing drizzle, freezing rain and sleet coming down in areas across southwest Missouri beginning Thursday evening through the weekend.

Drivers are urged to slow down and allow plenty of following distance. Roads will remain slick until the storm moves out of the area. MoDOT crews will stay on the roads as long as progress is made to treat/clear areas. Drivers are urged to use EXTREME CAUTION!

Road Condition Information: To find the most up-to-date road conditions in southwest Missouri and statewide, check MoDOT’s Traveler Information Map.  MoDOT also has a free Traveler Information mobile app for smartphones available to download through the iTunes and Android app stores. 

No scheduled road work will take place during the storm, though long-term work zones will remain in place.
Winter Weather Driving Tips:
  • Buckle up
  • Slow down
  • Stay at least 100 feet behind a truck plowing/treating road
  • Do not pass snow plows
  • Be alert for changing road conditions
  • Allow for extra travel time

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