Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Focus on Schools with Brad Douglas: Moss, Ridder interviewed

New Jet HD General Manager Brad Douglas opens his new series, Focus on Schools, with an interview with Superintendent Melinda Moss and Interim Superintendent Norm Ridder.

In the interview Ridder says the transition from him to Moss "is going to be very seamless" and Moss talks about her background and what she has seen since she arrived.

Moss says, "Joplin is set to explode and I mean that in a positive way," she says, referring to changes that began with Ridder.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how Melinda is ruining our schools. Oh, wait, that's not for a couple of months.

Anonymous said...

6:14AM It's great how you are so open minded. Everyone has their own flaws, if you don't like something she has done please let us know. Better yet, why don't you make an appointment and talk to her. Ask her how she plans to ruin the schools. Maybe you can help her!