Thursday, April 06, 2017

Speaker of the House: New bill would ban traffic cameras

(From Speaker of the House Todd Richardson)

Ensuring the most basic constitutionally-protected rights of Missourians are well respected is among the most basic and essential duties of the General Assembly. On Monday, the House passed House Bill 275, sponsored by Rep. Bryan Spencer, which would prohibit Missouri municipalities from utilizing automated traffic systems to issue tickets or fines for traffic violations.

Additionally, the bill will ensure all traffic tickets and fines are delivered in person to motorists from a law enforcement officer within 24 hours. The bill would also require cities that have automated traffic systems in place to terminate any contracts with companies that operate the systems within one year.

There is little evidence to suggest automated traffic enforcement systems make roadways safer for motorists. However, a number of Missouri municipalities have installed such systems to generate more revenue from traffic tickets and fines. The Missouri General Assembly has repeatedly and consistently refuted the acceptability of the ineffective strategy of taxation-by-citation which violates the most basic promises of responsible government.

House Bill 275 will now head to the Senate for further consideration. Missouri municipalities should seek to enforce traffic laws in a manner which upholds the Fourth Amendment rights of our citizens and ensures roadways are safer for motorists, not just seek to maximize fine revenues. The House will continue to fight to protect the most basic rights of Missourians.

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