Thursday, April 20, 2017

St. Louis Democrat: Another gun bill may be on the way

(From Rep. Stacy Newman, D-St. Louis)

Think we need to allow guns in:
  • day care centers
  • bars
  • casinos
  • polling places
  • churches, synagogues, mosques
  • hospitals
  • airports ticket counters prior to TSA
  • on buses and other public transportation
  • stadiums and sports arenas?
Rep. Jered Taylor (R-Nixa ) thinks so with his HB650 which has one more ceremonial committee vote before coming to the House floor, possibly this week.  This is the furthest gun bill which still has time to make it to the Governor's desk by May 12th.

Last week Missouri pediatricians flooded the Capitol to talk about healthcare, vaccines and gun violence prevention.  These are the doctors we depend on to save our kids lives when shot (they reminded me the ones they can't save usually proceed directly to the morgue).  They are also adamantly AGAINST allowing more access to guns ---particularly in day care centers and hospitals.

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Anonymous said...

While we are at it, let's make duels legal in Missouri again.