Thursday, April 06, 2017

Federal grand jury indicts Joplin man for sex with underage girl

A federal grand jury indicted Gary Stewart, 36, Joplin, today on charges of sexual exploitation of a minor and coercion or enticement of a female.

Stewart was scheduled to be arraigned May 4 in Jasper County Circuit Court on three counts of statutory rape, in connection with the same violations.

According to the indictment, Stewart enticed an underage female to have sex while being videoed and used a cell phone and the internet to coerce her into the conduct.

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Anonymous said...

Turner, I love your blog and most of what you write, but goddamn, I wish you would start calling these crimes what they are--Rape! It is not sex. There is no such thing as non-consensual sex. It is rape. You normalize rape culture when you fail to use the correct words, and as a journalist, you should know that and do better. This is how your post about doctor rapist blew up because we, as a society, have for too long not called rape "rape."

"Federal grand jury indicts man on rape of girl."

Fixed it.