Sunday, April 09, 2017

School-related stories featured in top nine Turner Report posts this week

The top nine posts on the Turner Report this week involved schools, but in widely differing ways.

The top post for the week, as well as numbers 4, 6, and 9, involved the hard-working students of Pittsburg High School's student newspaper, Booster Redux, and their work in exposing the fraudulent credentials of the district's newly-hired high school principal.

I felt honored to be one of the media outlets the students reached out to as they were counting down to the special school board meeting Tuesday night. By the time the week was over, it was major media outlets who were calling the students.

Another school-related news item ranks in the number 2 and 3 spots on the list as North Middle School reading teacher Amanda Schweitzer, 37, was arrested for statutory rape of a 13-year-old student. That was the number two post, while the probable cause statement, the same post that was ranked number one last week, landed at number three.

It was a different kind of school story that came in at number seven as a tornado badly damaged Goodman Elementary School.

Coming in at number 5 and 8 respectively were a lawsuit claiming Joplin R-8 officials failed to deal with a sexual assault case at the high school and an announcement of initial findings concerning the basketball goal that killed JHS senior Spencer Nicodemus.

The top posts and the links to them are featured below:

Turner Report

1. Student reporters raise doubts about principal's qualification

2. North Middle School teacher behind bars on statutory rape charge

3. Probable cause statement: North Middle School teacher, 37, had sex with 13-year-old boy

4. Student journalists did what Pittsburg Morning Sun should have done

5. Explosive new lawsuit claims Joplin R-8 officials failed to deal with sexual assault at high school

6. Pittsburg superintendent: We would have discovered truth about principal without kids' reporting

7. Tornado touches down in Goodman

8. Basketball goal that killed Spencer Nicodemus was substandard

9. Student reporters' investigation results in resignation of high school principal

10. Probable cause statement: Man warned 12-year-old Carthage girl not to tell anyone they had sex

Inside Joplin

1. Joplin Police searching for three missing teens

2. Sarcoxie trucker accidentally kills man who was lying in roadway

3. Update: Joplin woman found dead at 902 Connecticut identified

4. Empire District Electric Company asks for increase in fuel adjustment rate

5. Dead boy discovered at 902 Connecticut

6. Joplin Police Department Arrests April 5-6

7. Jasper County Sheriff's Office Arrests

8. Jasper County Dissolution of Marriage Petitions

9. Joplin Police Department Weekend Arrests

10/ Jasper County Marriage Licenses

Inside Joplin Obituaries

1. Christopher DeCastro

2. Buddy Baldwin

3. Fletcher Harrall

4. Jim Privett

5. Scott Spencer

6. Novalynn Zumwalt

7. Bill King

8. Billy Russow

9. Betty Wright

10. Jim Hall

Inside Carthage

1. Carthage man arrested for statutory rape of 12-year-old

2. Jasper County Dissolution of Marriage Petitions

3. New Carthage City Council to be sworn in Tuesday night

4. Accused killer of two-year-old: I was too scared to call the hospital

5. Ace Mohr bond revocation hearing delayed until May 1


Anonymous said...

Shocker! Like it's a change from the norm that all you go after are school stories. Calling yourself a media outlet because you blog is like calling someone a mechanic because they changed their air filter once. Not likely. You continue to promote your little editorial opinion pieces when even you should know that is not the case. Once you begin to include opinion and name calling into your writing, it immediately loses legitimacy. Even a two bit hack should know this is journalism 101.

Anonymous said...

Surprise! Surprise! Another one of Turner's enemies left a petty remark. Face it, you attacked Turner when he was exposing CJ Huff, but Huff is gone and Turner is more solidly entrenched in Joplin than ever. I can tell the difference between Turner's news and commentary and so can any other intelligent reader. If it is facts you want, here are some simple ones- CJ Huff, Wallace Bajjali, Mike Woolston, Bruce Speck, Mark Rohr- All of those people are gone though the shells of Huff and Woolston still remain. Turner is still around and continues to slap around the Globe every day.

Anonymous said...

9:43....blah blah blah I love Randy blah blah cj blah blah mancrush blah blah drone

Dusty Roads said...

Fat bottom girls make the rocking world go round

Unknown said...

The Community needs two media outlets presenting various view points-- common sense tells us that one monopoly gets out of hand just like it has on the national level since the '50's . Fake news of NBC, Washington Post, NY Times, Time Magazine, and LA Times.

Praise the Lord for Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, the only salvation of this country,

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