Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tales of dumpster diving, allergies, my new car, plus top Turner Report/Inside Joplin posts for the week

This was one of those weeks where I felt I had not accomplished anything until I looked over the posts that were published.

I spent much of the week battling seasonal allergies. When I was teaching, I battled through the spring and fall allergy seasons and then went home and slept for hours.

At my current job, I can walk from my kitchen office into the bedroom and take a nap when one is needed. (When I was teaching, the students were the only ones taking naps.)

I was also going through the process of getting my first car in 11 years. I ran into delays in getting my insurance settlement because I kept sending the wrong paperwork. I had delivered the title to my old car to Davis Insurance in Lamar, but it turned out I did not have everything I needed. It had been so long since I changed cars that the last time I did it you did not get the title until you had totally paid what you owed. Now, apparently you have the title, but it has the lien written on it.

The people at Davis Insurance called the finance company, which is in California, and asked if it would be possible for them to e-mail the document. It was not, but they would fax it for $25.

Or they could send it through the U. S. Postal Service and it would get to me in 10 days, they said. This would be a problem because I had already signed the papers to buy a new car from one of my favorite students from my first year at South Travis Kunce at Frank Fletcher. I needed the insurance settlement for the down payment and the insurance company was not going to let me keep driving the rental car forever.

So I returned to the box where I keep my important documents and found what looked to be a legal document stamped paid from the company that financed my last car and I faxed it to Davis Insurance who sent it on to Kansas City.

As it turns out, that was not the right document either. At one time, I was told, it would have been accepted but state regulations had changed. Then I had a horrible thought- when I found the last document, there had been a letter that accompanied it. Thinking the document was the right one, I had thrown that letter out and it was in the dumpster behind my apartment complex.

The people at Davis Insurance kept working with the people in Kansas City, but were getting nowhere, so late in the afternoon, I took a broom, went out to the dumpster and after about 20 minutes, I was able to land the right bag and found the document perfectly intact- and knew immediately it was not the right one.

I also knew immediately that I probably had the right document in the box in my apartment and I found it a few minutes later and faxed it to Davis Insurance.

That was on Friday after work, so I had to wait until Monday to find out for sure that it was right one. The check was sent on Tuesday and arrived in Joplin on Thursday.

I picked up my car- a 2017 Kia Forte Thursday afternoon. While I admit I was really not ready to begin making monthly payments again, having air conditioning in my car for the first time in four years is a plus.

Now if I can just stay away from uninsured drivers.

With all of that going on, despite my feeling that I was not accomplishing much this week, it was still a productive week for all of the blogs.

And things are showing no signs of slowing down.

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This week's top 10 posts and links to each of them are featured below:

The Turner Report

1. Motion: Jalen Vaden statement should be tossed because he asked for Judd McPherson

2. The man who brought us Wallace Bajjali wants to take his leadership to Jefferson City

3. Hearing set in million dollar sexual harassment lawsuit against Joplin R-8 School District

4. From October 2016: Joplin city employees resent money poured into Joplin Chamber, O'Brian projects

5. Hearing scheduled for motion to suppress Jalen Vaden's statement

6. Former Neosho Chamber of Commerce president files for state representative

7. March For Our Lives to be held Saturday in downtown Joplin

8. Agreement reached: Tarzan Zerbini to pay $426K to cover back taxes

9. Neosho R-5 Board president's response to allegations: I believe in the greatness of the Neosho community

10. The failure of American teachers

Inside Joplin

1. Joplin Police Department Weekend Arrests

2. Joplin Police need help identifying woman connected to YMCA locker room thefts

3. Joplin Police searching for missing girl, last seen four days ago at Northpark Mall

4. Newton County Coroner rules Joplin man's death in Shoal Creek due to accidental drowning

5. Newton County deputy makes DWI arrest of man driving wrecked car with dragging parts

6. Body found in Shoal Creek near Wildcat Glades, investigation continues

7. Jasper County Dissolution of Marriage Petitions

8. Traffic stop at 7th and Joplin leads to arrest of man with marijuana, crack cocaine, cocaine in his pants

9. Joplin Police Department Arrests March 20-21

10. Joplin Police Department Arrests March 19-20

Inside Joplin Obituaries

1. John Martin

2. Nicole Jackson

3. Elaine Eldred

4. Chris Eden

5. John Durbin

6. Karen Gould

7. William Simpson

8. Robert Hosp

9. Sherri Carey

10. Carolyn Tunnell


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Anonymous said...

I had Schlotzsky's for dinner Thursday night. Pastrami and swiss on rye. I ordered it the jalapeno chips and a cherry Coke. That sandwich was out of this world. I enjoyed every bite. The chips were a bit salty and the pickle they included didnt have the snap that I like my pickles to have but it was tasty.
I am thinking of trying Jimmy John's next Thursday.