Thursday, March 08, 2018

Allegation that five-year-old Neosho boy inappropriately touched, threatened kindergarten classmate at center of possible legal action against school district

It was the type of call that no parent ever wants to receive.

A school counselor relayed the news that a Neosho man's son had been kicked out of school because he had touched a girl inappropriately and threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

Both children were kindergarten students at Central Elementary School. The boy is a special needs student with a speech impediment.

In a case of the "me-too" movement spiraling out of control, the girl said the boy touched her and threatened her during recess at a time when the teacher was in the building talking to another student and that when he was questioned he admitted doing it.

The suspension was only the beginning of the family's problems. The school district has hotlined family members five times since then with accusations including physical and sexual abuse, called the juvenile office because the boy was not attending school and did not let up even when DFS and the Juvenile Office found all of the complaints to be unfounded.

The parents went through proper channels, including Central Elementary Principal Christine Cawley, Superintendent Dan Decker and R-5 Board of Education President Steve Douglas. Cawley was not helpful, the other two were not willing, the father told the Turner Report.

With their son not able to return to school since November 17, the family filed a discrimination complaint against the school district, alleging the district discriminated against the boy because of his gender and his disabilities.

My son is five years old and started kindergarten at Central Elementary School in the Neosho School District.  
On November 17, 2017, I was called to the school to pick up my son because, according to school officials, he was being expelled from school for improperly touching a girl in his class. My son has a speech impediment that makes his speech difficult to understand.
 According to school officials and to my son, my son was taken into a counselor's office and questioned without any other adults present and without a parent. The school told us that my son "confessed" to touching the girl and that they were told that my son said that he would beat up the girl and kill her if she told anyone. 

I do not believe that my son could have said something like that even if he wanted to because of his speech problem. Also, it is completely out of character for my son to say something like that.  
I was later provided an "incident report" that claims that the report was that my son "begged" the girl to let him touch her. Also, my son reported to me that a boy named Jose touched him the same way that he was accused of touching the girl. As far as I know, there has been no investigation of this. I believe that the investigation of the girl's report was made because she is a girl and they did not investigate my son's report because he is a boy. 
After I picked up my son, I was told that he was expelled or suspended from school and that he could not return until all Department of Family Services investigations were complete.  
I was not given any documentation of the school's action or any discipline records. It appears that someone at the school also made four reports to the Department of Family Services -- one report related to the allegation that my son touched the other student, another seems to have alleged that an adult was sexually abusing our son.  
Another report seems to have suggested that we were physically abusing him or engaging in some form of improper punishment. 
The fourth report said that my son was truant from school because he had not returned to school since this incident. I do not know who made these reports, but all were investigated and found unsubstantiated by DFS.  

 After telling me that my son was expelled or suspended from school, the school presented my son's mother, my ex-wife, with a paper suggesting that my son could return to school if we agreed to a variety of conditions, including that he would be separated from other children.  
I did not agree to the conditions because I thought they were unfair and were based on discrimination rather than fair treatment of my son.  
I later was provided a written "safety plan" by the school's attorney. This "safety plan" was different from the one described to me and my wife, but still contains a variety of unfair conditions that will serve to single out my son for different treatment. It does not appear that the school treated my son fairly in this situation. I think this unfair treatment is based on his disability and his sex.  
A complaint with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights is nearly always a precursor for a lawsuit and the family appears ready to file one in the near future.

Shortly after the school district received notification of the filing of the discrimination complaint, the family was hotlined with the Division of Family Services for a fifth time.

In early January, nearly two months after the boy was removed from the classroom, the mother called the principal and asked if they would still have to sign a paper approving the safety plan for their son to return to class.

The conversation was captured on a recording that was obtained by the Turner Report.

Christine Cawley (left) told the mother the plan would be needed "for his safety and everyone involved."

The mother asked the principal if there was any paperwork that would be sent along if they decided to send the boy to another school.

"What do you mean paperwork? Cawley asked.

"Like the safety measures that would be set up and why he was suspended."

"Are you talking about another school in the district?'

The mother said she wanted to know what was going to follow the boy to any school he might attend."

"There's not any specific paperwork to send with him," the principal said.

The mother asked if there was a paper detailing the November 17 incident.

"Like a full writeup?"


"I don't know that we did a formal writeup per se on it," Cawley said. "There will be a discipline record for it."

A few days later, approximately two months after the initial incident, a write up miraculously surfaced from the child's special education teacher titled "Recess-Kindergarten Playground 11/17/2017 11:35 a.m."

I had been indoors with a student in the nurse's office and had just returned to the playground area with that student (The girl) came up to me and told me that (the boy) had touched her "pee pee." She stated he had "begged her not to tell anyone." 
Ia asked her why she let him do that and she said, "He kept asking me and he begged me to let him do it. I called him over to me. I then asked him if he toucher her and he nodded. I asked him where he touched her and he said "pee pee." I told him "We do not touch other people" and to go sit by the fence for a time out. 
I then talked to her and told her it was not OK for any boy to touch her in the areas of her body covered by a swimsuit, on top or bottom, and I motioned with my hand toward my own body to indicate the areas. 
I told her she didn't have to let them touch her, even if they beg. I told her that she could yell, "No!" and go tell a teacher if someone is bothering her this way. Then I called the office on the staff radio and asked if Ms. Clements to come outside to the kindergarten recess area. I told her what had happened. He was separated from the group and taken to the office per her request.
The father told the Turner Report he would not be surprised if more paperwork for the case doesn't appear.

Central Elementary Safety Plan

The parents say they will not sign papers giving Central Elementary officials the okay to implement a safety plan they say is designed to protect other children from the five-year-old.

The plan calls for the following.

*(The boy) will sit in a designated spot within his class during morning announcements.

● During recess on the back playground, he will remain on the blacktop area of the playground at all times.

● During recess on the front playground, he will remain in the area with the swings and jungle gym at all times.

● He will have a designated seat in the lunchroom.

● He will have a designated individual seat near the teacher in the classroom.

● He will have a designated seat at carpet time.

● He will walk second in line.

● He will have designated seats near the teacher in each specials class.

● He will not use the restroom when other students are present. If he needs to use the restroom between regularly scheduled restroom breaks, the teacher will contact the office to provide supervision and ensure there are no other students in the restroom.

● He will sit next to the window during dismissal.

Consequences for additional incidents

 If there are any further incidents of inappropriate or sexual touching, gestures, or speech, he will be sent immediately to the principal’s office. The principal will contact the SRO and the parents. Behavior Management Strategies

● He will be reminded of appropriate boundaries and personal space before transition times and as deemed necessary

● He will be given positive reinforcement for demonstrating use of appropriate personal space

● He will check in at the office prior to each recess and will be reminded to use personal space and appropriate boundaries.

● He will have a reminder card on his desk outlining appropriate boundaries.

Involvement in Peer Activities 

He will be included in all classroom activities and will attend recess, lunch, specials, field trips, and assemblies with his class as outlined in the safety precautions above.

Communication Plan 

● Information regarding this safety plan will be shared with teachers and staff who have a role in maintaining the plan as well as IEP team members

● A daily behavior log will be utilized to communicate with the parents.

● The teacher will share the daily behavior log with the principal.

● Parents will provide the school with information regarding outside mental health service

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Anonymous said...

A very sad situation. What discipline did the teacher receive for leaving children alone on the playground?
This child surely had an IEP. It sounds like they have violated his rights to a free education under the Disabilities Act for not letting him attend school. The so called safety plan violates his rights as well. Plus, I am not sure if any teacher has the time to make sure it is followed daily.
It sounds like the school is bullying the parents. Hotlining based on no evidence is ridiculous. Now, they will create documentation to try to cover it up.

Anonymous said...

So it is being suggested here that the little girl lied?
Or is the purpose to show how discipline has been botched? If this is the case, what would be fair discipline be?

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%

Anonymous said...

It's hard to see how this restrictive of a plan is necessary or appropriate....but we're missing lots of information. We don't know who the families are -- and what influence they may have (or not have). We don't know about the previous behaviors of the children, particularly of the boy -- maybe he's had previous problems with touching/hurting others, or not. We also don't know the complete intent of all the adults in the situation. All these factors might make this seem OK or totally overkill. With what is available, it seems like the district is being difficult, but that's not new is it?

Anonymous said...

When is punishment like this ok on a 5 year old? Especially if there is no evidence besides 5 year old hearsay. Where was the supervision on 5 year olds on the playground? If dfs cleared the cases why still push safety measures? When does it make it right for a school to do this to a child? And where is the manifestation they was supposed to do with an child with an iep? Seems like there is nothing here and they are trying to make an example out of this poor child, how would anyone with kids this young go though this? This is unfair treatment to a child, if others see him going though this punishment. That will open up a door for him to be made fun of and picked on or bullied by is others peers. And also could you imagine what this could do to his mental health. Always thinking he did something wrong. And this is fair punishment over hearsay, that can't be proven?. And let's not forget people he is a 5 year old baby. I feel bad for the parents, being harassed, and turned in so many times.

Anonymous said...

There is more to the story. This is a very one-sided bit of information.

Anonymous said...

This really only covers one perspective on the issue and what is unfortunate the school district is not allowed to defend themselves or offer their perspective due to privacy rules. There is a lot of missing information regarding, whether the child has a history of behavioral issues, the reason for the reporting to DFS (remember school officials are mandated reporters) and whether this model of safety has been utilized for other students with behavioral concerns. As a parent I want to ensure my child is safe and I would prefer to know all sides before forming an opinion on this one.

Anonymous said...

The school is mandated reporters, but 5 times really?? And it says there was no finding wrong?? And this is a 5 year old baby, are you kidding me right now?? So this story has proof of all this and it's still one sided? You must be with the school, or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Just put the kid in prison and move on.

Anonymous said...

To everyone saying this is a one-sided story please tell us the other side. This story is about a 5 year old boy being attacked and punished for something that can't be proven. Did yo7 all read the incident report? There was no teacher out with the kids on the playground. So if the was no findings by the dfs, or anyyone from that matter how can you push punishment? And I can almost bet there is no behavioural reports on this child before this. But he does have an iep, if anything sounds like the school handled this whole situation wrong. Could you imagine if they did this to your child? But apparently schools are straight up, no wrong doings right? Well that's right if your someone in that town, popular parents and such. How do we know what really happened if it's hearsay? Why push punishment on that alone. I would love to see this child's school records. I bet there is nothing in there about behavioral issues. But I'm sure there is more to this story. And I will be following it, if the they recorded the school in one conversation what else do they have?? If you ask me pretty smart on their part...

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering how many "school shooters" are built in the sandboxes of Kindergarten?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone hear thought about the other side what if your little girl said she'd been touched inappropriately by someone I personally would want them removed from my daughters presence and the "me too" movement they are 5 years one wants to say did by chance this boy see something at home or on tv that may have caused him to think this was okay to do....and not that the school doesnt have flaws with there system but every Turner report I've read are very one sided or leading you to feel one way it's a blog not an informative news piece

Anonymous said...

Well how do we know your little girl isn't a liar? Why hasn't anyone checked put her side of the family? How do we know she isn't being abused by her family? And this was a cry for help? How do we know you didn't touch the little girl? Whoever wrote this.... Kids lie but maybe not yours since you seem perfect. Apparently the school doesn't know either, there was no supervision on the playground. They said they got the 5 year old to admit to it, where was his parents when they questioned him? Why would the parents go though the extreme and spend lots of money on a lawyer to fight this? If this was your child and he was wrongfully accused what would you do? Would you let this kind of punishment happen to your child? So can you prove to everyone you haven't touched or wronged a child in anyway? How can a 5 year old that has a speech issue do so to? It's the schools word for it, so since it's their word they are right? I heard horror stories about this district and I would never ever let my child go here. So instead of all these stupid opinions why don't we all see what the investigation comes up with. Why don't you all grow up, and remember this is a child, oh wait you can't because you all are being childish yourself. It seems that all these one-sided comments are something the school could put. I want to see the schools evidence to prove this happened, I want to see the boys school records to see of there is behavioral problems. Wouldn't you all feel like a dumbass, if the school is in the wrong?

Anonymous said...

I see how this is discrimination, put the little girl in the boys position. Let's say the little boy accused the girl of touching him. And the little boy told the teacher. Guess what folks you wouldn't even think about doing anything to her, as the school has done to this boy. The reason why is because she is a girl. This is very wrong, and very discriminating, and this punishment they want to push is evil. You all can say what you want, no one was there to see it. Not us or the people supposed to be watching and educating our kids. Seems like the school failed in many ways. There's corruption in everything. I would like to see the schools policy on something like this. Instead of a harsh safety plan. If anyone thinks this is ok it isn't. To the ones arguing this it's wrong, for someone to be attacked like this family as is incredible to me. It's incredible the family didn't cave, didn't let the school bully them. Instead they held their ground and fought against an evil monster. I'm so proud they did, they stood up for their baby. Half of you wouldn't, you would cower down, you would let this happen. I would like to know how many other parents been though this? I bet it's alot more than we think. But stand strong and fight back, way to go for you. And I know all the truth will come out. I feel there's more to this story, but I feel that it isnt good for the school. So I want to see what else the parents have against them.

Anonymous said...

Must be parent of the accused reply right here someone took that way too personal

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but isn't this the same school district under investigation for the Jounior High? Where they missed place a bunch of money and fired the people that discovered it? These same people are in that scandal and now this one right? If so why don't they get fired? I bet there's alot more going on in this school than we all think. Seems to me this school and these people in charge have the mentality they can do as they please and to who they please. I hope for this 5 year old they go down. This is ridiculous punishment, I don't see how these people sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

Could there have been another teacher on the playground?

If the student has a speech problem and is receiving services, he has an IEP.

The safety plan is in place so he can be with his class and not isolated. It protects him along with the other students.

What has this child been learning if he's not been in school since November?

And for the record, 5 year olds can be dangerous. Perhaps they are erring on the side of caution. Did you notice they asked about outside counseling?

Anonymous said...

Are you with the school? Just seems you missed the point of this story. Or are you not very educated? Wouldn't the dfs say he wasn't safe? I would like to see a 5 year old that is dangerous. Have you been picked on by a 5 year old with a speech issue? Are you saying this 5 year old is gulity? Since on one else in a professional field such as dfs that did an investigation can find wrong doing. Maybe you are the next Sherlock Holmes and can tell he's guilty by just reading this article. Maybe your guilty of something. Or maybe this is your revenge on a dangerous 5 year old that picked on you. Are you sure he's the one that needs counseling? Maybe you need the counseling for putting up a stupid comment.......

Anonymous said...

I been reading though these comments and you can tell with people commenting anonymously. And then someone saying, that the parents commented. I bet the school is posting alot of these negative comments. Kind of crazy, I hope there is a follow up to this story. And no one can comment anonymously, I bet we see wolves in sheep's clothing then. And I would almost bet the farm the parents didn't comment on this.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe some of the comments I have read here. This whole situation sounds like one big mess and as usual the school system seems to be the problem. We don't know who these families are and we should not find out who they are for the privacy of these kids. A reminder they are kids. This young boy has already got a label placed on him that he will carry throughout the remainder of his life, especially if the school follows their plans for his education. Isolating a child is the same thing as putting a label on him. And we don't want to forget the little girl because she now has a label placed on her also. Who's to say that the little boy wasn't touched by another student and coerced to touch the little girl and was told that they would beat him up if he told anybody or if he didn't do what they wanted him to do? Children with disabilities are oftentimes used that way. I know because I'm the mother of a disabled son, he is now 33 but was bullied throughout his entire 13 years in the Neosho school system.
Please, keep this out of the public as much as possible for the families involved. In my opinion the father's statement on this was a little too informative. I also feel this Turner report revealed way too much information publicly.

Anonymous said...

You are correct they have not commented. I just sent this to the mother an she had no idea this article was published.

Anonymous said...

When I was young, I used to bite myself on the arm hard enough to bring blood and then accused whatever kid I that had pissed me off at the time of biting me. Kids lie and most of them learn how to do it at school.

Anonymous said...

Central school should be shut down just for the poor conditions . The school has the same curtains hanging that my PTO paid for in 1987 no lie. The school is not even handicap accessible and it's the only school to still have trailers the same trailers the school board said would be leaving. If u have never saw the poor conditions head on up there during a program and see the parents standing in the hall but go ahead and build female rooms and gyms for these other schools that weren't as bad off . It's a minority school and it's treated just as it is. The only school in Neosho that does not bus kids .Because it's all the kids in the actual area .

Anonymous said...

The comments here, like the comments on other stories on this blog, are very telling. I am amazed when phrases like "popular parents" are thrown around, as if adults in this area are still stuck I junior high school mindset. That kind of stunted mentality is rampant in comments. "So and so knows someone else so they can get away with murder." "The school district only listens to popular parents..." if people honestly feel that this area is so unjust and so unfair, why stay here? School district unfair? Move. Home school. Do something other than act like a confused 10 year old. Popular parents... Good God. And someone stole my lunch money, too.

Anonymous said...

If you do not believe that social status counts with the Neosho School System, then you do not know the Neosho School System.

Anonymous said...

Well if you think like this then you must be someone in the town, if you're not then don't post anonymous. Neosho is a very clickish town, you have to have a last name or need others to think you are someone. So being popular with this school district is a plus. As in any school for that matter. This is a retarded comment, so please show us who you are, if not shut up.

Kimberly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

From 8:29
To 8:50 and many others on here, I am 8:29 and not with the Neosho school district, nor do I live in Neosho, but I am an educator who has taught and worked with Preschool through 6th grade students. I know about mandated reporters, DFS, special education and behaviors exhibited in school.

Yes, students and parents lie and that is part of why there is an investigation.

Yes, people are often childish and clickish whether part of a town's perceived social structure or a school's.

Yes, 5 DFS calls seem to be excessive but we don't know what the teachers (or whoever called them in) knew as a basis for the calls. If they did these out of spite, shame on them. My personal opinion of DFS is that they are overworked and pretty worthless. Notice I said personal and I don't want to get into an arguement about DFS.

I don't recall being picked on by any 5 year olds but I have seen many disturbed 5 year olds. I know they can molest others in the bathroom or on the playground. I know they can break arms and knock out teeth without provocation. I know they can be so angry they can tear apart a room, including the trimwork. And I don't need revenge on any of these damaged children.

Children are children and generally charming, amusing and very lovable. Some children are broken and disturbed, even at a young age (and that is NOT a comment on this 5 year old) so they are capable of almost anything.

Referring to comments as retarded and the people commenting as not knowing what's going on is not productive to a discussion.

Anonymous said...

You may be proving anon 8:47's point or avoiding it. If you feel the school district is unfair, why send you kids there? Or offer solutions to the injustice treatment. I believe the point being made was, stop acting like helpless victims of an "unfair" system. If you don't make an effort to change it then stop complaining about it.

Anonymous said...

I know the parents of this child I know for a fact that he hasn't been to school since the incident on Nov 17th. And I know the school called dfs on this family up till February. This child can barely speak and has no clue on what's going on. I know for a fact that this school was in the wrong. But everyone says it's a one sided story but, I seen this happen first hand and I seen all the paper work and the child's school records there is no reports of behavioral issues. I'm so glad that this family is doing what they are and protecting their son. As any parent should, this school if you look and dig at has alot of issues going on. This family is a great family,so please look at everything before you question anything, the school never documented nothing and there's no proof that he admitted to this. So if the parents wasn't present during questioning, isn't that hearsay? How do we know the school isn't lying? There's no proof of anything to back the schools punishment. This was handled by the school so wrong it should have been handled differently. I know the family is afraid that he would be a mark for the teachers to punish in anyway. Wouldn't you as parents be afraid of your child's well being?

Anonymous said...

My child is currently not old enough to go to school yet after reading this and other things about this school district
I think I'm better off sending my child to a private school
When I first started reading this I thought for sure they had the child age wrong but as
I continue to read was clear to see it's A 5 year old that is being punished over say so in a very severe way so sad
I wouldn't want my child to be treated this way, it's very wrong and cruel how the school is handling the situation I'm amazed people still have
jobs I hope all works out In this child's favor
no child deserves to be treated in this kind of way especially over say so

Anonymous said...

If there is no proof of anything, how could a school do this? None of us reading this on this blog was there. So we don't know if he said anything. And so does apparently the school. Why go to such dramatic measures on something the school don't know happened? Why isn't the school in question here? And someone stated they been turned in to dfs till feburary and the child wasn't in school? It looks as if the schools attacks on these people didn't work. And now they have a major cover up to do. I think whoever is in control of the school and everyone involved should be fired. It sounds as if the school was the prosecutor, judge and jury on this. And all for the lack of supervision, you all can form an opinion on this and think what you think. But due to no evidence, and then the attacks from the school and then the punishment they want to give. They all should be fired! Could anyone imagine of you was in these parents shoes? Think what you want and post on here what you want, but anyone that has common sense would see how worng this is. It's not the schools job to do this, it's their job to educate and make sure all kids are treated equal. The school dropped the ball and seems they want someone to pay for it. And put blame else where, it seems to me they was trying to get this kid pulled from the parents by using dfs. Think about it if dfs pulled the child then this would be justified. But sounds like to me it back fired on them and now they need to pay for all that they have done. This just blows my mind, and can't even start to think if this would happen to my own kids. Thank goodness they are grown and don't have to go though a school like this. But people can think what they want, but if you think this happened remember you wasn't there and neither was anyone else. And another thing why was the child questioned with out a guardian present? Do you all know if you put a child in an uncomfortable and scary environment, they will about admit to anything to get out of that situation. That's why it is illegal to question a minor with out a guardian present. This is so bad I myself want to cry for this child my heart is heavy and things like this shouldn't happen.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this right, this is the same school, and same people that is involved in the Junior High school project? You know the one where the fired everyone and somehow miss calculated over a million dollars. And now they are involved in this? If I was these parents I would sue the school for the money they stole.

Anonymous said...

Neosho is full of corruption in their school and school board. I can see why others haven't came forward with anything. It's because their school board has lawyers, and ex cops on it. I bet if people would come forward they would try to make someone's life a living hell. They have influences everywhere, and for those that say just move away it's not that easy. Some people would love to I bet but don't have the money to or they have family here. If you would like I'm sure if you helped them move they would. But I admire this father in this story. He stood up for what's right and protecting his child. We need more people like him in this world. To bad Neosho School board didn't have any like him. I admire what he is doing and takes a strong person to have to deal with others opinions. Keep fighting the good fight, and I hope you take down neosho schools. They are why I don't live there anymore, and my kids have excelled so much since we left. Hopefully neosho will get it together one day.

Anonymous said...

The lawsuit is coming and the School knows it. That is why they are scrambling to provide adequate cover for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Neosho isn't really fond of working with sped kids. They like to send sped kids to other districts---which is illegal.

Anonymous said...

Wow...5 year olds being persecuted for acting like 5 year olds. Sorry, I am an older adult, but I remember playing "Dr" when I was a child. This is what it's came to, now. Children receiving adult judgement for being curious. He should have been told that he's not allowed to behave like that, she should have been told not to let boys touch her, and they should have let it go at that. If it happened again, then you take some kind of action, but this is too much!! He's a kindergartener, not Harvey Weinstein!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the teachers and the schools superintendent and the people of the school board, all eat tie pods? Because they are ridiculously dumb.

Anonymous said...

Didn't this school just lose a lawsuit on how badly they treated a teacher? And now they have a investigation over missing money and firing the people that found the missing money for the Junior High school? And now this? Sounds like these are class act kinda folk, and these people run this school. This is like a freaking soap opera, I need some pop corn because this is better than tv. But really I feel bad for this 5 year old and his family. I hope the school and it's faculty gets what the deserve. And that's a trip to the unemployment line.

Anonymous said...

To the parents: Thank you for standing up for your son. Please contact MPACT & ACLU-MO. Do not get a Neosho or Joplin attorney. Wonder if Jose had a plan drawn up like your son?

Anonymous said...

It seems this school district is spiraling out of control. No honesty, no transparency, treating employees absolutely horrible, covering up their mistakes to save face in the community, just flat out lying to those of us who may have voted for them. There are things going on in this district that is so wrong and it comes from the top down, this includes the school board who are elected officials. A couple of members have run the show for too long now. They have allowed our Supt. Decker to destroy this district and they have played a very active role in this disgusting behavior. Douglas being board president has proven to run this district even further in the ground and his cover ups have to stop!! The board members who do not speak up and stand up for honesty and truth are to blame also. To bad most of this starting coming out after board filing date was over. Hopefully next year there will be a lot more of us in the community that will step up and run for board. We need people to run that will do what is best for all our kids and get this derailment back on track. We can start this April Neosho! Go vote for Steffen Wiest and Dan Haskins. There has got to be a change for the better!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't believe this child did this, and this punishment is down right wrong. You got to think the school has nothing yet the parents have all this against the school. If the parents was smart which it seems they was in this situation because they have recorded and documented things. They should have already trapped his school records to, that way the school can't add anything to them. If they did that already I think the school is in big time trouble. How could they do this to a 5 year old? Even grown adults that has been convicted of worse things don't get punishment like this. This is a bad bad case of discrimination. I sure hope the school is prepared to lose this lawsuit. And it's a well deserved loss on their part.

Anonymous said...


Kat C said...

While I agree with most of what you said and your child is only a year older than mine, obviously Neosho has a very long history of discriminating against our kids with special needs. For us it's been over 20 years and as hard as we fought, nothing seems to change there. What is it going to take? We even won our due process and in the 8th circuit, but nothing seems to change there. I appreciate Mr. Turner bringing it to the public's attention because all the district has ever seemed to think is that we want more for our kids when all most of us want is for them to have the same opportunities kids in regular ed have. Neosho R-5 likes to try to hide the truth much of the time. I wish you the best for you and you child's future.