Monday, March 26, 2018

Webb City Democrat files for 32nd District Senate

Carolyn McGowan, Webb City, became the first Democrat to enter the 32nd District State Senate race today.

McGowan joins three other candidates- Conon Gillis, Joplin, who is running on the Green Party ticket and Rep. Bill White, Joplin, and Rob O'Brian, Joplin, on the Republican ticket.

The seat is currently held by Ron Richard, R-Joplin who cannot run again due to term limits.


Anonymous said...

Ron Richard... that guy's dad owned a bowling alley or two.

I have spoken with him on a few occasions. Ron not his dad. Ron seems like the kind of cat that you would buy insurance from. Not useful insurance, but the kind that really doesn't do much except make the guy who sold it to you money. Yeah, Ron is a funny cat.

Anonymous said...

Those Dems must’ve been pretty desperate. They’ve put up a couple of women in their mid 70’s to run for office! Why aren’t they recruiting better? What exactly have they been doing?!

Anonymous said...

Don't you think your comment was rather rude!!!