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Despite social media claims, Judd McPherson was not at daughter's home the night Jayda Kyle was abused

The rumor that has circulated since the November 28 abuse that led to the death of three-year-old Jayda Kyle is that Jayda's maternal grandfather Judd McPherson, a powerful local attorney, arrived at his daughter Devyn Kyle's home at 405 Meadow Lake Drive in Carl Junction and tampered with evidence before law enforcement arrived.

While that makes a great story for conspiracy theorists, it has one major flaw.

It did not happen.

While the tragic events were unfolding in the home where Devyn Kyle, her boyfriend Jalen Vaden and her children from her marriage to Mackenzie Kyle were living on the evening of November 28, Judd McPherson not only wasn't there, he was not even in the state.

Sources close to the investigation tell the Turner Report McPherson was with his daughter, Brenlee McPherson, at Pittsburg State University that evening. Brenlee McPherson plays for the PSU women's basketball team.

While much remains uncertain about the events that transpired that evening, Jalen Vaden was the one who called 9-1-1 seeking help for Jayda at approximately the same time Devyn Kyle called her father in Pittsburg.

Emergency medical responders and the Carl Junction Police arrived long before anyone else. Jayda was taken to Mercy Hospital and from there to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City where she died three days later.

While McPherson as not at his daughter's home that evening, the speculation that he was grew from Children's Division documents that were posted on social media and provided to the Turner Report, which confirmed their authenticity.

While the documents make no mention of McPherson being at the home, those who commented on them on various social media sites at some point began insisting he was.

Children's Division investigators claimed McPherson was "manipulating" the investigation and that he and his wife, Carmen, had given inconsistent statements.

The statements were made in a report assessing who should have custody of Jayda Kyle's brother. 

The report determined that the McPhersons should not have contact with the child unless supervised by the Children's Division.The report detailed the Children's Division investigator's problems with answers provided by McPherson concerning the injuries that Jayda Kyle suffered.

Children's Division is having increasing concerns as more time has been allotted to look at the facts of the case. There appears, at this time, to be several inconsistencies which would cause concern for (the child) as well as the ongoing investigation.

On 11/29/2017 at 3:46 a.m., Judd McPherson contacted me stating that all doctors had said this was a medical thing. However, medical records show that Devyn and family were notified by Dr. Michelle Pannell at Mercy in Joplin on 11/28/2017 at 10:37 p.m. that this was suspected non-accidental head trauma.

Children's Division was informed by law enforcement that while completing interviews of witnesses that Dr. Pannell stated Devyn was explaining that she found Jayda laying on the floor in her room at which point either Carmen or Judd corrected her and stated, "You mean when he found her" (talking about Jalen)."

When Children's Division determined that custody of Jayda's brother would go to another family member, McPherson did not take it well, according to the report.

When informing Judd of the current situation, he first asked who the judge was who signed the order, then he stated he would be getting that changed and ended the call. During this call, Judd did not ask any questions about the abuse and doctors have stated the family has not asked them either as to what or who could have caused it.

The report also revealed that Carmen McPherson and not Devyn Kyle rode the helicopter to Children's Mercy Hospital with Jayda.

Judd McPherson said that was due to the weight limit, according to the report, but Devyn Kyle told investigating officers and the Children's Division that she and Vaden "went home to change."

The report says McPherson received a court order allowing Jalen Vaden to have contact with Jayda at the hospital "after she had been diagnosed with abusive head trauma and knowing he was one of her caretakers at the time."

Jalen Vaden has been charged with second degree murder and felony child abuse.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for Monday, March 12.

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Anonymous said...

I have not seen anything on social media saying that he was at the house. I have seen multiple statements that he was called BEFORE 911. I suppose the cell phone records will tell the truth of that in due time.

Unknown said...

I never thought he was at the house.

Anonymous said...

If you pull up Pittsburgh Gorillas women's basketball schedule 2017-2018 there is no game on Nov.28th 2017.

Randy said...

There is nothing in that post about a basketball game. I Just mentioned that she played basketball at Pitt State.

Anonymous said...

I have heard people say that Judd was there helping clean up the place and destroy evidence. So thanks for clearing that up.

Anonymous said...

Yes but if you look at comments on post Shannon Becker says he was at the game , his daughter was playing. There was no game so someone's lying.

Anonymous said...

Strange, because I've heard that the person who picked up her son was a witness to Judd being there along with the Dr who was there before EMT. So somebody is lying.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing to write the truth Randy, I believe many of us have been led astray by all the social media speculation. I just pray that justice is served for Jayda. And her family can start trying to piece their lives back together.

Unknown said...

Well, D & J *did* go home before going to KC

Anonymous said...

I mean she did still go home between hospitals (with him) so this doesn’t change much for me

Inquisitive Mind said...

Love how this was twisted in favor of someone in the wrong. I also never read that he was present at the address. Make sure you report facts only. What I find sad is the word "approximately". Approximately and exactly are as different as black and white and although the difference may not matter, I want to know why he was called at all at that moment. Why?!? Your child is in the floor unconscious and your first thought is to grab your phone even though EMS is on the line already? No way. This is where everyone's "conspiracy theory" begins. Those are the actions of someone with a guilty conscience and not of a parent worried about their child. She didn't die 3 days later. She was pronounced dead 3 days later. This report is disgusting and manipulative.

Anonymous said...

Yep. It's all about manipulation. The alibi was yet another family member. Go figure

Anonymous said...

What’s your source on Devyn calling Judd at the same time as Jalen calling 911? Because that didn’t happen either.

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean sources close to the manipulation?

Anonymous said...

It will all come out and the lies will come to light. Of course access to all the calls n texts are coming out by the defense. And to think a innocent young man is sitting for months without his own Son and dealing with what he witnessed that night and morw than likely the whole relationship. How they sleep at night is what Id like to know..Only the mighty ones would sit and think they are untouchable at this point !!! A precious little girl was beat yes beat to death!Justice will be served ..Watch

Anonymous said...

How can anyone still take up for a murderer of this beautiful girl ? Give it up! First his family claimed there was never a confession, that it was already written up , then it was coerced, it went from them saying he's guilty in part of it , to claiming free him, he's innocent, then it comes out that he VOLUNTARILY wrote out a confession , & signed it , which is on video (so out the window the coerced confession goes). What more do people need that he killed this little girl? Maybe Devyn was in shock , or distraught & didn't want to believe someone she trusted with her life , as well as her children's lives could do such a thing. She'll live with that FOREVER, let the woman grieve , & try to piece her life back together for her son instead of picking her family apart , she has to deal with this long after the show is over for everyone. What happen to his attorney doing a outside investigation? Does she not need it now that she has the cold hard facts ? It's sad how many have let their hatred for the McPherson's steer their judgment. It's down right disgusting that he reached out to the father from jail, when screenshots posted show he was mad that the father was able to see HIS DAUGHTER in her final moments. Let these families grieve . And face the fact the evidence speaks louder & louder the more it's released !!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 7:25 AM - You're damn right!

Just worried the Jasper County investigation will screw it up.

Anonymous said...

I will be glad when the truth comes out.
In fact everything people have speculated on is a crock.
He indeed murdered this child and admitted as much in graphic detail.
He asked if Judd was there prior to confession and also requested Judd not be allowed to come in where he was.Hmm wonder why? Scared he would be killed?
All requests for funds and media ceased once his lawyer received the hard cold evidence against her client.why?
Because she had truly believed he was innocent or she wouldn't have taken the case.
She now sits asking herself why!!
When you all find out the mother wasnt actually home and j was updating the prayer page,what then?