Friday, April 19, 2019

The truth about this area's wild-eyed left wing liberal classroom teachers

As someone who has been on medication for high blood pressure for years, you would think I would steer clear of comments on political stories on the local news media's Facebook pages, especially when those stories also touch on public education.

Such was the case today when I read some of the comments on the Joplin Globe page about a page-one story in today's paper detailing the efforts of teachers to bring the Mueller report into the classroom.

Apparently, many of those who comment are of the belief that the classrooms at our local schools are filled with radical leftists who want nothing better than to indoctrinate their children and put visions of socialism dancing in their heads.

A couple of examples:

I can only imagine the liberal spin the schools will put on it.

Yes,,,, by very LIBERAL instructors. I can bet how it will be presented. Mush brain students will love it.

This will disillusion those people whose views of classroom teachers are shaped by Fox News, but there are more conservative Republicans teaching in local classrooms than liberal Democrats...and there are probably more people who do not care about politics one way or another.

The ranks of area teachers are also filled with Christians who do more by the examples they set than could be accomplished by a curriculum filled with Bible classes approved by Ben Baker and Ed Emery.

Teachers reflect their communities.

The good teachers encourage children to think, but do not tell them what to think.  Take the time and get to know some of them.


Anonymous said...

Good to know that you have met with each and every teacher in the area and asked them about their political and religious views. You taking the time to do that research is valuable to the community.
I did similar research and found that more area teachers prefer chicken to beef, but there are those who enjoy pork more. Believe it or not, there are a few who lean towards fish. So next time someone tries to say that they had dinner with a teacher who ordered the beef Wellington, you know the odds are against that being factual.

Anson Burlingame said...


Your raise a really profound question and I break years of silence on your blog to respond. I absolutely support your last point, make students think but don't tell them what to think!!

First of all, I believe the Mueller Report (MR) is a real "teaching opportunity'. But to teach it, the MR, one must first read it, all 448 pages and not try to just introduce sound bites.

Then any teacher should include columns written by "deep thinkers" on both Right and Left, to show both sides of the argument.

Finally, teachers should challenge students how to think about "loyalty" in today's world. Take just the JROTC students and introduce that question, about loyalty, given a presidential order. That raises the whole question of "lawful orders". Who gets to decide?

One other point. Don't ask students if the President obstructed justice. Ask them instead, who gets to decide, yes or no, the president did, or did not, obstruct justice. Having watched a great teacher in action, years ago, the famous or infamous Mr. K. (I still cannot spell his name but still admire him, the "constiltution team teacher"),I am sure that would be his approach, to teach kids how our institutions make decisions and what to do if they are "wrong" (who gets to decide right or wrong?)

Please, no name calling from the usual anonymous sources. Just think about it!!

Anson Burlingame

Anonymous said...

Anson I'm wondering if you read the Sentencing Memorandum filed in the Maria Butina case.

In my opinion it's a more readable document. Reading it first would probably help the average person understand the Muller Report.

Anonymous said...

Liberal isn't a bad word if one knows the true definition and not what the conservative propraganda machine has brainwashed people into believing.

Steve Holmes said...

Welcome back, Anson. I truly have been worried about you since you discontinued your blog.

Anonymous said...

True but conservative is just as bad as the liberal press makes it out to be.

Dusty Roads said...

damn the blowhard is back

Anson Burlingame said...

To Steve, I am fine and still write in Globe from time to time.

To Dusty, at least you wrote your name and not hide in anonymity. Thanks for that at least.

I now depart, herein, and only monitor from afar.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous bitching....

Even if a name appears, you don't know who you talking to. So why does it matter?