Friday, September 07, 2012

Judge: Kanakuk must send letter to Pete Newman victims

In an order issued today, U. S. District Court Judge Irma Carrillo Ramirez rejected a request from a Texas family suing Branson-based Kanakuk for the names and addresses of sexual abuse victims of former Kanakuk camp director Pete Newman.

It was not a complete victory for Kanakuk however. Judge Ramirez ordered Kanakuk to send letters to the parents of Newman's victims "that advises of the current litigation and provides the contact information for the parties’ attorneys.  The parties shall confer regarding the form of the letter, and the final draft or drafts must be submitted to the Court for approval before it is sent."

The attorneys for the plaintiff had argued that the names were needed to find more information about the patterns of Newman's abuse and what Kanakuk officials might have known during the decade that Newman had access to the children.

Judge Ramirez said the plaintiffs should see first if the information can be obtained through other means.

Newman is serving two life sentences after pleading guilty to multiple sex crimes involving underage boys.

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ymi17 said...

Okay. Makes some sense - "first through other means" being the key. If harassing abuse victims is unnecessary, the plaintiffs' lawyers won't get to do it. If it is necessary, the judge will have to approve a letter, which will be sent from Kanakuk so as not to spread identities to the Plaintiffs' lawyers.

Kudos to the judge for finding a good medium that allows the Plaintiff to conduct discovery without letting the Plaintiffs' lawyers send letters to other victims (potentially to use as recruitment).