Saturday, February 09, 2013

Tim Jones: National Liberal media is bullying me

Speaker of the House Tim Jones, battling back from the ridicule he received after telling St. Louis reporter Charles Jaco that a "very personal constituent" talked him into signing on to Orly Taitz' birther lawsuit against President Obama, send out a fundraising message earlier this week trying to capitalize on how the elite liberal media is picking on him.

“Friends,  I need your help.  The national liberal media, including The Huffington Post and Chris Matthews of MSNBC, are attacking me for standing up to the dangerous Obama agenda."You can help me send a message to these liberals that Missouri will not back down in the fight against federal overreach, taxation and tyranny.
Please contribute $10, $25, $50, or any amount you feel comfortable giving to my campaign by the end of this week.
As usual, Tim Jones is sending a misleading message to his supporters. First, no one attacked him for standing up to President Obama's agenda. Mister Speaker, you were attacked because you admitted in a televised interview that it all takes to convince you to sign on to a frivolous lawsuit is a "very personal constituent" whispering in your air.
You are also misleading your supporters when you say that it is the "national liberal media." I wrote the Huffington Post article you are using for your fundraising and I was a Missourian before you were even born.
I am proud to have been born and lived my whole life in a state that is the Show-Me State, not the hit-me-in-the-head-with-a-sledgehammer state so I won't sign on to any and every outlandish conspiracy theory that comes down the chute.

Missouri is a state that has been the home of Harry S Truman, Stuart Symington, John Danforth, Kit Bond, and so many others, from both parties who have represented us with integrity and decency, and who would have resigned with embarrassment before putting the whole state up to ridicule.

So please, the next time you feel like you have to use your foot-in-mouth disease to justify another mealy-mouthed fundraising pitch- don't pretend it is just Chris Matthews and the national media types who are ridiculing you.

I have no doubt that I am not the only Missourian who considers you to be a joke.

Hopefully, some day, some "very personal constituent" will have the decency to let you in on the joke.


Anonymous said...

This is avery revealing glimpse into Missouri politics. I don't know if I'm saying this the right way but I want to try. These Republican politicians and their stances on issues are at the very least...misleading. Maybe more like carefully thought out positions to make profit from constituents and further their own careers without advancing serious legislation. I think about the birthers, the tenthers and the 2nd amendment advocates and it really makes me wonder. These politicians introduce or sign on to legislation that is frivilous and vagely populist in thatunderinformed voters really believe in those issues. Things like Obama is from Kenya, Missouri can pass laws that would trump federal law and Sharia law is coming to Missouri courts. I would think that a reasonable man who is a lawyer or a politician would know that after the screaming and yelling that these laws would have little chance of being passed or in the event they are passed in our state legislature, they would be overturned in federal court. I notice that two eastern missouri politicians namely Tim Jones and Brian Nieves write or support this supposedly populist legislation and then when they get a little backlash they ask for donations. I'm waiting for Ed Emery to do the same. You see my point here is that this legislation introduction and the resultant fund raising is just self serving to these politicians. They know in the end this legislation will be overturned and instead of working on jobs and living wage issues they spend their time with faux populism. They can go back to their districts and tell the underinformed voter that they fouht so hardfor what THEY wanted when in reality they were working on legislation that just advanced their political careers and their pockets. They will be hailed as heroes for selling voters snake oil. I heard Ron Rega, the son of ronald Regan, say that even the pro life advocates do not want abortion abolished in every state. What they want is it to be outlawed in every state but say, California and New York so they can continue their crusade and fund raising. The more I read about the legislation being introduced in Missouri the more Ithink these Republicans are simply about advancing their own careers and care so very little for advancing legislation to help Missouri citizens. You see, after the smoke clears from the hearings, debate and voting on this stuff and the consequent Supreme Court is time for re-election and then it is time to load up the clown car for another ride in the Missouri legislature. Tim Jones is a lawyer. Why is he raising money to defend himself? He is a freaking lawyer. He could do it without the donations he seeks. Who knows why Brian Nieves does what he does. Oh, I do....he needs a job and this one has a lot of fringe benefits from donors like Rex Sinquefield, Students First, ALEC, the NRA etc.. He does not need your 5 or 10 dollars. That is just a beard and apparently he and Tim Jones have kinda studied this shell game because they are doing the same song and dance... Makes a guy wonder.You know Missourians, sometimes you get what you deserve when you vote for these guys. You will get the right to live in poverty because no one is worried about your ability to earn a living and that should scare you for yourself and your kids. They say a word to the wise is sufficient. I have used a lot of words.I don't know if I said them right but I think these guys really are slick and they are taking Missouri citizens for a ride on the previously mentioned clown car. That's just my thought. Maybe think about it at the polls next time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I wonder too. How long does it take for a Missouri legislator to earn a retirement for the rest of his life and how much is it? Do they get medical insurance while in office? Do they get medical care after they retire from political life? The rest of us are trying to find work or survive on the wages we make and pensions have nearly disappeared. Social Security does not provide a whole boatload of income for a retiree that has worked until age 65. 401K plans were never really retirement plans. They were set up in the 80's as an income shelter. If you had a lot of disposable income you could hide it away from taxes for a long time till you retired. Average workers use all their income each month trying to stay alive. This fight over Obamacare I just don't understand. Why would you not want affordable insurance that could not exclude you for pre-existing conditions or make an insurance company not decide that at some point in your major health coverage they had paid out enough and stop your insurance coverage when you are really sick? Seems by that we already have "death panels", they are just run by insurance companies. Missouri is being resistant to setting up the insurance exchanges even when all the hospitals want Obamacare and the United States Supreme Court said it will be the law. Why are Missouri politicians wasting time fighting that? Like that previous commenter, I just don't see that these politicians have Missouri people in mind when they start all this broo---ha--ha. We do need wages we can live on. We need to not be fired from our jobs for no reason, we need good public schools and less expensive college or work training programs for us and our kids and what are we getting? Also, somebody tell me what these career politicians are getting? I bet it is gonna be a lot sweeter deal than me.

Anonymous said...

Tim Jones and Brian Nieves are always asking what you are going to tell your grandchildren you did in this rebellion. I think if you buy into their twisted resistance to fedearl law and sensible reforms you can tell your grandchild that you were so busy fighting for no minimum wage, the right to work for nothing,for no union representation on your job,for states rights, no national health care and the right to own an assault weapon and large capacity magazines that you could not live on your wages, you lost your house, you are sick and can't see a doctor, your teeth are rotten and hurt and you have no dental care, you are living in a van by the river that won't run and you couldn't buy gas for anyway and you can't even shine your AR-15 because you had to pawn it a long time ago and you can only afford to eat rice and fish heads because picking up cans by the side of the road does not pay much but you got your freedom! I bet Brian and Tim will not be living like you.