Thursday, March 21, 2013

"I Survived the Joplin Tornado" tops Amazon Kindle tornado book rankings

An anonymously written account of the Joplin Tornado, originally published just six days after the storm, is riding the top of the Amazon Kindle rankings of Joplin Tornado books.

The list is printed below:

1. I Survived the Joplin Tornado, K.P. 43,437
2. Joplin Tornado House of Hope, Tim Bartow 68,264
3. Scars from the Tornado, Randy Turner 75,617
4. When the Sirens Were Silent, Mike Smith 76,992
5. 5:41: Stories from the Joplin Tornado, Randy Turner, John Hacker, 151,024
6. Singing Over Me, Danielle Stammer, 212,601
7. When the Storm Passes, Julie Jett, 273,349
8. EF5 at 5:35, Kathryn Sandlin, 341,791
9. Hell's Half Hour, Michael Sharp 524,949
10. When God Gave a Wakeup Call: The Joplin Tornado, Deborah Solomon 604,740
11. 5/22: Stories of Survival, Stories of Faith, Scott Hettinger, 812,182

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