Thursday, March 28, 2013

Search warrant at Sandy Hook killer's home unearths NRA certificate

While I am certain that an overwhelming majority of National Rifle Association members are decent and law-abiding people who would never think of misusing a gun, it can't do the organization any good when the police search of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza's home revealed an NRA certificate and the NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting.

The information was included in a report from The Smoking Gun website.


Jonathan Dresner said...

I haven't seen any reports that didn't tell us what we already knew. There were guns. The Lanzas were politically conservative. Adam's computer was broken.

Tell us something we don't know, but don't take cheap shots. There are so many good shots available.

Jessica said...

I recently came to know things that I didn't already know. There were half a dozen guns and hundred of rounds of ammunition in the house, which on its own, isn't really a big deal. But they were secured and ammunition was kept scattered all around the house. Adam created a spreadsheet documenting mass murders. His mom had a library of self help books to try and cope with her son's condition. I wonder if his mom enabled her son's isolation out of her own loneliness. I actually don't recall any statement about the Lanza's political affiliation. Not every gun enthusiast or NRA member is a republican. Now, for my opinion... I don't have a problem with guns themselves. But I am sick and tired of the worship of guns. Firearm fetishists. Adam Lanza's mom thought that going to the shooting range as a way to bond with her unstable son. It seems that idea backfired, literally. If you think the solution to the problem we're facing as a nation (and there is a problem) is more guns, reality is lost on you. I don't think restricting certain types of guns is the answer, either. I'm afraid there is no easy solution. I think that slowly public opinion will change for the better. Kind of like how over time cigarettes became less and less socially acceptable. That, and universal background checks for firearm purchases and a system for red-flagging the mentally ill with firearm arsenals.