Saturday, March 30, 2013

Roy Blunt: I'll defend your right to own assault weapons

(From Senator Roy Blunt)

“Like all Americans, I was shocked by the incredible tragedy in Newtown, and I’m committed to finding ways to prevent these senseless acts of violence. Unfortunately, President Obama is once again calling for gun control policies that restrict law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights and fail to prevent tragedies like Sandy Hook.

“I won’t support any proposals that infringe on Americans’ constitutional rights or ultimately prevent two neighbors from trading shotguns. Instead, I’m focusing my efforts on improving mental health policies to ensure we’re spending federal dollars more wisely when it comes to identifying, treating, and caring for people who are mentally ill.”

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Anonymous said...

"Once again" Obama.... I'm sorry Senator Blunt, this is The FIRST gun regulation President Obama is encouraging. Please don't insult the people of Missouri by starting your statement with a lie. The good people of Missouri say "enough" when it comes to weapons of war firing into our nations children. I want your vote on this. Don't hide. Go on record and vote for more children to die. Your days of scaring people into voting for you are hopefully numbered.