Tuesday, September 16, 2014

C. J. Huff to speak on "How To Respond to Public Criticism"

Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff will take time out of his busy schedule for a public talk 12 noon Wednesday at Empire District Electric Company,

The topic for his talk, which is sponsored by the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce's Young Professionals Network is "How to Respond to Public Criticism."

I have heard that the first step is to con a group like the Young Professionals Network to sponsor a speech for you, but then again what do I know about public criticism?

Another step is to write a blog post talking about how you got to work at 3 a.m. the morning Joplin High School opened and helped the custodians get ready.

A third step is to put a six-and-a-half-mile ribbon....well, maybe he should stop at two steps.

The speech is free to YPN members. Others will have to pay $5, but that is a bargain, considering they will be charging $20 when he speaks in Chicago next Thursday.


Anonymous said...

This presentation was previously known as "Duck and Cover"

Anonymous said...

Lie through your teeth and cry like a baby. Coerce your board members into supporting you. Fire anyone who disagrees with your poorly thought out ideas. Drink like a fish until you forget what lies you told to which group of people. Problem solved.