Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Graves: Let's put the focus back on jobs

(From Sixth District Congressman Sam Graves)

There was a time when even liberals in Washington understood that our focus must be on jobs. “It’s the economy, stupid,” as one top strategist in the Clinton Administration famously said when talking about what is most important to the American people. I wish the current Administration understood this. Instead of clinging to the failed policies of more government spending and unnecessary regulations, they should follow our lead in pursuing common sense legislation to help put Americans back to work.

I'm tired of being an energy-rich nation that acts like we are energy-poor. We have abundant resources right here at home, and House Republicans have been working to ensure that we can use these resources. We've also been working to provide more certainty to small businesses. We have passed dozens of bills to expand safe and responsible energy production and promote efficient new technologies. These are the kinds of pro-growth policies needed to boost jobs.

The people of Missouri’s 6th District are feeling the effects of this Administration’s failed economic policies and continued war on energy. We should not be held captive by unstable and often hostile nations, when we can create good paying American jobs by using our own resources. That is why, last week, the House passed legislation aimed at creating jobs and lowering energy costs for all Americans.

Right now, an overbearing federal government is making energy more expensive and stifling economic growth. Whether it is to address rising energy costs or an economy that continues to be burdened by regulations, common sense solutions are needed to ease the squeeze on hard working Missourians and that is exactly what we did by passing these bills. It is time for President Obama and liberal elites in Washington to follow our lead and pursue proven policies to fix the economy and give the American people some much needed relief.


Mo Rage said...

What a bloody hypocrite. In fact, ANY Republican, calling for jobs is. What chutzpah. Not once in the last 6 years have we gotten even one jobs/infrastructure bill from this Congress.

Sure, Americans need the jobs and heaven knows our infrastructure needs the updating and improving and we all know our economy needs a boost but get a jobs/infrastructure bill?

Oh, hell, no.

They want to make certain this President is no way remotely successful. They learned their lessons with FDR. Rather than help and work for America--the entire country--and Americans, they'd much rather vote and work for their political party, nation be damned.

I say again, the bloody hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Anyone thinking Republican policies are good for the economy need to watch the documentary entitled "Inequality for All". Unfortunately the people that most need to watch it with an open mind are those that would dismiss it as "liberal" propaganda.

The idea that the 1% are the job creators is absolutely false. The middle class are the job creators. Without a strong middle class that has disposable income, nobody is purchasing the goods that the companies are producing. If nobody is purchasing, nobody is hiring.

The income gap between the wealthiest and the middle class is at an all time high and keeps growing. Republicans want to convince people that any extra taxation or government controls on the ultra wealthy is class warfare that hurts these "job creators". This tactic is simply to ensure that the wealthy stay that way. With the Supreme Court ruling that corporations are people, more money than ever is flowing into politics. Anyone thinking this is not influencing policy is fooling themselves.

It has always baffled me why some people are willing to give 100% freedom to every multi-billion dollar corporation with the belief that they will police themselves, yet are absolutely convinced that federal agencies designed to ensure our safety are all corrupt and looking to screw over everyone trying to make money. When a company's bottom line is it's number one priority, why would they choose to increase pay and benefits to workers, pay the extra money required to ensure all safety precautions are taken and environmental regulation are followed, or choose voluntarily not to create monopolies that stifle competition?

Republicans have been working for years to destroy unions and take away employee leverage. They have somehow convinced people that everyone should just be so thankful to have any job no matter how awful the pay, how long the hours, or how little the benefits. Anyone not in the 1% that is voting Republican is doing so against their own best financial interests. If you choose to vote Republican because of other issues, such as their stance on abortion or gun control, that is fine, but you should be working hard to convince your party that every worker deserves a decent quality of life.

Many Republicans vote that way because they believe they are the Christian party. I have a hard time believing Jesus would be against higher minimum wages, higher tax rates on those most easily able to pay it, and universal healthcare.