Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Billy Long: Are Secret Service tweeting and playing games on smartphones?

In what the magazine Roll Call described as a wild line of questions, Seventh District Congressman Billy Long had some interesting ideas of what the Secret Service have been doing instead of taking care of President Obama and his family:

Pierson also faced scrutiny for low morale at the agency, plus a wild line of questions from Rep. Billy Long, R-Mo., about whether agents were using smartphones to play games or tweet while on duty. By the end of the hearing, members were suggesting discipline or firings at the agency.


Anonymous said...

They are still more productive than congress, Billy

Anonymous said...

I watched the hearings. The smart phone question came up on some of the morning news shows. It seemed evident that Billy saw these shows and jumped to get some face time on national TV. He spent a large portion of his time talking about his attendance at a White House event and how he got his picture taken with the President. He also wanted to express his great love for first responders. Not very substantive for this extremely important issue.