Sunday, September 21, 2014

Joplin Globe column: Joplin is lucky to have C. J. Huff

Most of frequent Joplin Globe guest columnist Anson Burlingame's praise of C. J. Huff has taken place on his blog, but in today's Globe, Burlingame writes his most fervent love letter yet to the Joplin R-8 superintendent.

Burlingame begins his column this way:

I believe the Joplin School District and its board of education, led by Dr. C.J. Huff, superintendent of schools, have done a superb job to bring all schools back after the disastrous tornado in May 2011.

All of us in Joplin can celebrate that achievement on Oct. 3, when Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will join the community for a ribbon cutting ceremony.

As well, beyond rebuilding, I support how they are currently dealing with other big issues related to public education in Joplin. By and large, they — the board and the administration — have my complete support and I also believe this city is very lucky to have a leader such as Huff at the helm of our schools.

As usual, Burlingame rips those who believe that Huff has brought disaster, both financially and ethically, to the school district:

You know where I stand on that issue. Detractors may fire when ready, to use an old Navy term. If you disagree, then tell me why I’m wrong with a rebuttal letter to The Joplin Globe.

Simply because the underground or semipublic opposition (many of them writing anonymously) to those institutions and to Huff has been so virulent, I call for a vote of confidence by the board in Huff and his administration. Those who oppose him and the administration or who believe Huff should be fired should say that, publicly, by voting no confidence.


Anonymous said...

Okay Anson, please provide your metrics to support your opinion. How are children's performance measures? Test scores are down yet graduation rates are up. These two things don't seem to track.
How is the school budget going? How about the reserves?
How is teacher retention? Do all the people that work at the school enjoy working for CJ?
Student performance, financial indicators, staff morale, public confidence. I am sure that if CJ we're not in Joplin we still would have rebuilt the high school.

If you want a vote of confidence make it an annomous vote like our elections so people can express their confidence without the opportunity of retaliation like we have seen in the district already.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Anson doesn't get it. Public commentary is the same as submitting one's letter of resignation. I believe the community stated its mind at the last school board election, and that is just the beginning of the dissent.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed he can type so well in his knees.

Anonymous said...

We can worry arne duncan will whisk him away to washington, dc. To head the newly formed school district disaster relief department.

Anonymous said...

I think the next school board election will show what those voting think about the situation.

Anson may be shocked.
Huff won't be shocked.
Neither will Besendorfer who bailed in a more timely fashion.

Huff may be left holding the proverbial flaming bag of dog po

Anonymous said...

Anson always wears knee pads just in case

Anonymous said...

Rather, CJ is lucky to have Joplin.