Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Busing of middle schoolers to JHS ribbon-cutting scaled down

C. J. Huff's six-year streak of never taking the blame for anything that goes wrong will probably not come to an end as a result of this, but it looks like elementary students will not be the only ones who will not be bused to the high school Friday, October 3, for the ceremonial grand opening, speeches by Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and of course, the cutting of the six-and-a-half=mile ribbon.

An East Middle School parent reports that students have now been told that only one bus will be taken to the high school and students who want to attend will have to write essays, with the winning writers being allowed to go see Joe Biden. (If that's the winning prize, I am not even going to ask what the losers get.) My guess is anybody who takes the time to write an essay will be a winner and the bus may still not be full.

The change of heart comes after teachers at all elementary and middle schools were told last week they and all students would be attending, so they would not miss out on the historic event. Reportedly, they are still going to see it, only now as it is livestreamed to their buildings.

The reversal of plans also comes after the administration was deluged with complaints from parents who were concerned about their children being outside for two hours, about the strong possibility that they would not be able to get back to school on time, and that all of these plans were being made without consulting or informing parents first.

Let's see how long it takes Huff to say that there was never any plan to bring all elementary and middle school students to the high school, it was "just something we talked about."


Anonymous said...

The true symbolism of the six-mile ribbon that that each mile represents one meter of Huff's intestines (intestines average about six meters in length).

You could say that, in turn, the six-mile ribbon represents the amount of BS that CJ produces each and every day.

Anonymous said...

This event has been planned so Huff can have his face in front once again. He refuses to understand joplin patrons don't want to look at him the only time would be after he worked to clean up all the messes he has created. He doesn't leave because he can't who would want this. 0