Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sam Graves: Government is the problem

(From Sixth District Congresssman Sam Graves)

President Reagan once famously stated that, "government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem." I couldn’t agree more. I’ve long said that government does not create jobs. What government can do is enact policies that set the table for economic growth and provide certainty to small businesses.

For instance, we must have a tax structure that is competitive with the rest of the world. We need to streamline our tax code so that small businesses spend less time trying to calculate how much they owe the government, and more time trying to figure out how to grow their business so they can hire more people.

We must also put a stop to the unnecessary and crushing regulations coming from unaccountable bureaucrats in federal agencies. Washington’s endless stream of rules and regulations has become an obstacle to growth. If we are serious about getting people back to work, we need to cut the red tape. That’s why I have introduced legislation to stop an out of control EPA and voted once again to fully repeal Obamacare and all of its job-killing costs and regulations. These are two common sense steps in the right direction to giving small businesses and all hardworking Americans some much needed relief.

Small businesses want to hire and invest in their people, but they need certainty from Washington. Our job will not be done until everyone who wants a job, can find a job.

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Anonymous said...

So Sam did you have a revelation about your own contributions to unconstitutional government and trying to fix it or are you just paying lip service for votes?