Sunday, September 21, 2014

Joplin R-8 Board set to spend half a million without discussion

If things go according to plan during Tuesday's 7 p.m. meeting of the Joplin R-8 Board of Education, more than half a million dollars will be spent without a single word of discussion.

Other items that will not be discussed include the second and final readings of board policy changes on staff conduct and evaluation of staff.

The items are included on the consent agenda, which is supposed to consist of routine items that do not need to be discussed by the board. Under the C. J. Huff Administration, until recently when questions were asked by board members Debbie Fort and Jim Kimbrough, the consent agenda has been used a clearing house for the spending of millions of dollars and the passage of sweeping changes to board policy with the public never hearing a word of discusssion.

This month's consent agenda includes $521,937.91 including the following:

-$18,667 for outside telephone lines for the fire alarm panels in the high school elevator

-$20,379.95 in Title I funds for laptops

-$17,232.98 for membership dues for the Southwest Center, which provides professional development training. This will come from special education, Title I, and Title II money.

-$19,358.85 for Engaging Schools (formerly Education for Social Responsibility) the consultants who helped the high school develop its transition classes. The money will be used to provide ongoing support and professional development for the program.

--$15,851- Lockers for Irving Elementary School

$88,200 Plumbing for the concession stand at the high school. According to the board documentation, "This approval is needed in order to continue construction of the athletic complex at the new JHS/FTC. Money will come from capital outlay

-$72,300 for a fire suppression package for the Columbia Elementary safe room

-$89,325 for a fire suppression package for the West Central Elementary safe room

-$20.621 for a painting and wall covering package for the West Central Elementary safe room

-95,179.71 for adult student textbooks for Franklin Tech

-$24,822.65 for fuel for district vehicles

-$42,000 for copy paper.

The consent agenda also includes a second and final reading of two policies, the text of which, at this point, is not included in the documentation posted on the board website on staff conduct and staff evaluation, plus a first reading for seven other policies, on subjects ranging from teaching about religion to discipline reporting and records.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll send my kid to FTC.They have books there.

Anonymous said...

Why is a consent agenda leagal anyway? If someone doesn't say something, anything, why are they even there. I'm very interested to see what Shawn does with his time on the Board. I hope he is not just more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those business discussions are just so tedious and boring. Who wants to listen to that? Just put your rubber stamp on it so the parade of warm fuzzy things can start.
You can bet Shawn won't be like the others. He'll be worse. That's why CJ brought him on board. He needed to keep a quota of partners in crime.

Anonymous said...

Those books are paid for by the adult students through their tutition that the adults pay to attend FTC adult programs at MSSU.