Thursday, September 18, 2014

How C. J. Huff fights criticism by using "captive audience"- your kids


Anonymous said...

Maybe the kids and staff don't want to listen to Huff's doctrination?

Then what? They get fired? Or harassed?

Anonymous said...

So far, all he's done is keep the information out of the mainstream media while he lies and brainwashed some and bullies the rest.

Anonymous said...

Toothless = no credibility??

What is Huff's excuse? No brains?

No wonder they're sending Biden to speak!! Neither one of them have any couth AT ALL!! What an arrogant ass!!

Anonymous said...

Huff twisted his words, when he put in his blog that JHS does NOT have a $150,000 crystal chandelier that he describes in ridiculous detail. Of course there isn't a crystal chandelier hanging in the entryway of JHS. But there IS a $150,00 light fixture hanging there. How's that for twisting the truth? You don't require teeth to know that is not the best use of taxpayer money.