Monday, January 12, 2015

Hundreds pay respects to Barry County murder victims

Services were held Saturday for two Barry County murder victims.

From the report by KOLR's Nick Thompson:

Hundreds paid their respects to 28-year-old Casey Brace and her grandfather, 78-year-old Herbert Townsend at Southwest High School in Washburn.

Tony Laughter, one of Townsend’s many nephews, said the 76-year-old leaves behind a legacy as a tough protector of family.

"I guess the hero part of him stuck with me growing up in life because he told me at a very young age, no matter how many, or how big, stand up and take it," Laughter said.

Townsend was especially tough in his final breaths, as he crawled to the phone and called 911 after he was hit with bullets.

Friends of Casey Brace, like Elizabeth Williams, said the mother of three was working hard to build a life for her children.

“She was the world's best mother,” Williams said. “There wasn't anything on this earth that she wouldn't do for her children. And we miss her dearly.

Arrested for the murder was the father of Miss Brace's child, Chris Paschall. The probable cause statement can be found at this link.


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