Friday, January 02, 2015

Joplin Progress Committee adds 10 cents during last quarter

Anyone hoping to find any indication of the Joplin Progress Committee's plans for the April 2015 elections in the January quarterly disclosure report ended up sorely disappointed.

The report, which was filed Thursday with the Missouri Ethics Commission, showed the committee made only 10 cents during the last three months, all of that coming from interest.

The Committee made a splash during the 2014 Joplin municipal elections, with all of its candidates winning, but was not as successful in the R-8 Board of Education races, which saw the largest number of votes going to a candidate, Dr. Debbie Fort, who was not supported by the committee. The other two successful candidates Lynda Banwart and Randy Steele, had the committee's support.

The committee has $4,621.40 in its account, according to the report, but still has plenty of time to get contributions for the April school board election. There are no municipal races in April. The next report will be eight days before the election, unless any contribution amounts to more than $5,000. Larger contributions have to be reported within 48 hours.


Anonymous said...

Great report. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Who has taken the juice this time to actually think there would be a slim chance a bond issue would pass. No way will anything pass here until this era has passed. Tax money has been wasted, there was more than enough money allotted to complete all projects in the district. What lack of concern for taxpayers! We will vote no, taxes just went up where are people supposed to get additional money in their budgets. Of course, huff doesn't worry about overspending. Vote No!

Anonymous said...

I agree with 7:23. Until all these wasteful, dishonest people are gone, NO MORE TAX MONEY FOR SCHOOLS.
My votes for the schools will be changed from yes to no. They need to get their heads on straight and do things the right way. Promises were made and broken. Whoever the poor souls are that come in after this and have to clean it all up will have one hellacious job not only cleaning up the mess but also gaining the community's trust.