Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New promotional video: Every child needs a Bright Futures champion

This video, posted earlier today, offers an explanation of what  Joplin Bright Futures does and how people can become involved.


Anonymous said...

I am confused.......Bright Futures is looking for volunteers to assist schools and particular students with crisis needs....so, what happens to the money that is donated to Bright Futures if needs are being met by the community? All money goes for staff?

Anonymous said...

Folks....it is not the great things that bright futures may be doing that is troublesome. It is how it is being done. The coordinator had a Joplin School ID badge. Is she an employee of the school district? Is she paid by tax dollars. How is it that a school district is running a non profit? They are using volunteers to do school business..This can not be legal.