Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Probable cause: Dying man tells Barry County deputy who pulled the trigger

A 76-year-old Washburn man, suffering from what proved to be a fatal gunshot wound, pointed Barry County deputies in the direction of his killer.

Herbert Townsend's  two word declaration to Deputy Bill Wilkins, "Chris Paschall" was made as he lay across the room from his murdered granddaughter, Casie Lee Brace, 29.

Paschall had taken his and Brace's daughter out of the home after the murder, the probable cause affidavit says.

A swat team later surrounded Paschall's mother's home in Springdale, Arkansas, and arrested Paschall, who was charged with first degree murder, assault, and armed criminal action The assault charge will likely be upgraded to murder. Further charges may also be filed.

The text of the probable cause statement is printed below:

I, Deputy Wilkins, was dispatched to 23233 Farm Rd. 1055, Washburn, Missouri, after a 911 call had been placed from that residence. I was informed the male caller was attempting to say something but the dispatcher could not make out what was being said.

At 1344 hours, I arrived on scene. I looked through the front door and observed a person laying on the floor at the rear entrance of the residence. I made entry at the rear of the residence and immediately felt for a pulse. I was not able to locate one on C.B.

While crouched beside the female victim, I heard what sounded like a man (H. T.) moaning across the room. As I looked over a chair, H. T> raised a rifle toward me. After I heard H. T. drop the rifle, I went to him and saw his face was covered in blood. I asked H. T. if he could tell me what happened. H. T. tried speaking. I asked H. T. "Do you know who did this?"

H. T. said, "Chris Paschall." H. T. was unable to say anything from this point. As the investigation continued, it was learned that a juvenile, A. P., was in the residence at the time of the murder and first degree assault. Paschall removed A. P. from the crime scene and fled with her to Arkansas.

Christopher Lee Paschall has a criminal history.

The video is from KOLR News.

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