Thursday, January 07, 2016

Brunner: Special interests dominate Jefferson City

(From the John Brunner for Governor campaign)

Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate John Brunner today announced his support of ethics reforms being considered in the Missouri House led by Speaker Todd Richardson, and vowed to enact additional reforms if elected Governor.

“When I volunteered for the Marines I believed my service to Missouri and America to be a privilege that demanded the highest standard of conduct. Elected service is no different. I commend Speaker Richardson’s leadership on ethics reform, which will bring more transparency and accountability to state government. The reforms under consideration are a positive step in the right direction,” Brunner said. “As Governor, I will work with other reform-minded legislators to enact additional proposals, and will hold my staff to the highest and most stringent ethical standards.”

In his opening remarks Speaker Richardson promised Missourians the House would move quickly to pass ethics reforms this session. The top reforms being considered include an outright ban on lobbyist gifts to both state and local elected officials, ending the revolving door by requiring a waiting period for legislators before becoming lobbyists, and requiring any person to dissolve all campaign committees prior to becoming a lobbyist, as well as other common sense reforms.

Among additional reforms Brunner would seek as Governor are those pertaining to gubernatorial appointments, ending travel junkets and gifts to any member of a Brunner Administration, strengthening sunshine laws, and creating an anti-corruption unit in the Attorney General’s office to fight abuse and promote transparency.

“President Lincoln had it right when he once said: ‘All men can stand adversity. But, if you want to test a man’s character, then give him power.’ Some well-meaning people in Jefferson City have simply not been up to that test, and have undermined the reputation of all the others that serve and lead our state. The special interests rather than the common interest now dominate Jefferson City,” Brunner said. “We the people of Missouri have the right to a government that is accountable to, and that is as good and decent as the people it serves.”

On Thursday morning during an appearance on NewsTalk Radio 1310 KZRG in Joplin, Brunner reiterated his support of the Speaker’s leadership, and said, “I was listening live to our new Speaker of the House Todd Richardson, and I thought he did an excellent job with his remarks, leading with ethics reform, reestablishing confidence in government, I think he’ll be an outstanding Speaker. All we need is a good Governor. We need a new Attorney General. We need people who will fight back against the encroachment of the federal government. The attack on our Second Amendment. All the things coming out of Washington D.C. We have the potential to really get this state turned around.

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