Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Cable One, Nexstar reach deal, KSN, KODE not blacked out

Cable One and Nexstar Broadcasting reached an agreement just before the midnight December 31 deadline that allows the cable company to continue to carry

Nexstar stations involved included ABC affiliate WATN –TV Memphis, Tenn.; NBC affiliates KSNF-TV Joplin, Mo., KFDX-TV Wichita Falls, Texas, and KTAL-TV Shreveport, La.

Some reports indicated that KSNF's sister station, KODE, a Mission Broadcasting station which partners with KSNF to share business and news personnel, would have also been blacked out if the agreement had not been reached.

The agreement prevented a repeat of events of a decade ago when KODE and KSNF programming was pulled from Cable One and the cable company gave away antennas so customers could continue to receive the local channels.

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Anonymous said...

KSNF and KODE need to get over themselves.
Cable could use a clue too, but they're not trying to withold news and alerts from the public.