Saturday, January 09, 2016

Five reasons why you should subscribe to the Joplin Globe

There is no way I can compete with the slashed prices the Joplin Globe is promoting for its subscriptions.

In the flyer that is to the right of my computer, I still have to blink twice when I see that you can get the area's newspaper of record for a measly $190 a year and that is described as "best value" on the flyer.

Considering that it was more than $200 a year the last time I wrote about this, I certainly have to agree. What a bargain!

You can get the Sunday edition alone, one newspaper a week for $60 for six months or you can pay $10 a month to have the paper delivered on Sundays.

The monthly price for the Globe is $15.98, for seven-day delivery.

And what do you get for this price. Consider these crucial reasons to give your money to the Joplin Globe:

1. You can read about how any investigation that embarrasses local officials, such as the state audits of the city and the school district and the Loraine Report  are "flawed."

2. You can read the columns of Anson Burlingame and Geoff Caldwell on a regular basis.

3. You can see "investigative" reporting that proves that friends of the Globe who are in important decision-making positions are right and anyone who would dare question them is a menace to society. (example: Nearly all.of us thought the Joplin R-8 School District losing more than 100 teachers a year was a bad thing until the Globe wrote that it was perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about.)

4. You have a veteran editor like Carol Stark who knows how to make decisions on what the readers need to know and what they would be better off not knowing- Example- Almost anything that was written in the Loraine Report. Second example- Information about former master developer Wallace Bajjali's background of lawsuits, bankruptcies, and fraud allegations.

5. The Globe gives you the privilege to vote on the "Favorites of the Four States." Cynics might say the only reason this annual voting takes place to give the Globe a chance to make money off the finalists. Others say the Favorites of the Four States is Globe journalism at its finest.

$190 a year. Some would call it a bargain at twice that amount....and then break out in uncontrollable laughter.

For a better bargain, make this comparison. While the Globe charges $190 a year for a subscription, a subscription to the Turner Report/Inside Joplin blogs cost $30 a year.

While the Globe charges $15.98 per month, you can subscribe to the Turner Report/Inside Joplin for $3 a month.

While the Globe decided a couple of decades ago, to charge exorbitant amounts to run complete obituaries on its pages, Inside Joplin Obituaries considers them news and runs them free of charge.

While the Joplin Globe provides a voice for the privileged in the community, the Turner Report/Inside Joplin has stood up for the taxpayers since the blogs began.

Anyone wanting to find something that has run on the Turner Report or one of the Inside Joplin blogs can use the search engine at the top of the page and find the post quickly Anyone who wants to find something that has run in the Joplin Globe is usually out of luck.

Please consider taking a subscription or making a contribution of any amount to help the Turner Report/Inside Joplin to continue to grow in 2016. You can use the PayPal buttons below, or if you would prefer not to use PayPal or a credit card, you can send a check to 2306 E. 8th, Apt. G, Joplin, MO 64801.


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Anonymous said...

Truly pathetic Turner. You are absolutely delusional. I am actually to the point of pitying you and never thought I would.

Anonymous said...

Police reports, moronic editorials, trite and stupid "folksy" columns, terrible sports coverage and a editor in way over her head.

RIP Globe

We old timers will fondly recall the days you were relevant.

Anonymous said...

Why would I pay all that money for a paper that doesn't really report anything? Besides, I'm not about to pay for something that puts value in anything that Anson Burlingame has to say.

The Globe used to actually report the news. Now they're just trying to help their friends from all those committees that think they know everything and want to run it all.

Start some real journalism and then I'll think about a subscription. I get more from the internet (including Turner) than I ever got from the glob. I can even get the comics online.

Anonymous said...

You forgot:
1. The Globe and Anson called Mark Rohr, David Wallace, CJ Huff, and Mike Woolston heroes.
2. Carol Stark withheld Mark Rohr's police report and 911 call from readers but admitted she had it prior to Loraine Report being public.
3. Carol Stark refused to testify before Thomas Loraine as did Lane Roberts.
4. Wally Kennedy when asked where he works, now puts his hand over his mouth and mumble ....Bligh...

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I understand. You can subscribe to the Globe for a fee, or you can get the Turner Report for free. Why would anyone pay for the Turner Report when you continue to provide your stories for free?

Anonymous said...

The only people who defend the Globe are people who have personal investment in it or connections to people that they like, rather than in objective or informed evaluation. There are many nice people who work or who have worked there, but this has to be kept separate from critiquing its journalistic standards. The emperor wears no clothes, or in this case: the editor is Stark naked.

The Globe is a parade of human interest stories and defenses of personal connections or those whose economics keep the paper afloat. A glorified society page for more affluent members of our community, and it is happy being that, because these are the only ones who have not jettisoned the Globe as an expendable luxury in this world where talk radio stations are more adept at their news and social media game than the overly-educated individuals belonging to our area newspaper "of note".

They can gripe all they want from the perch of their 4th-street luxury liner about what's wrong with people, and Turner, and the alumni of that establishment can leave the occasional bitter comment here and feel very smug and superior, but bullshit walks. The KZRGs and the Turners run a better ship, because rather than sitting in captain's quarters and delivering soliloquies on how things should be, they are are in the engine room making things go. This is why you always see a story first in other places while the Globe plays catch-up. They are among the people, and the people communicate to them. People are the news.

Anonymous said...

It's called supporting something that you like so it can continue to exist.

Anonymous said...

How old is your subscription list price. We pay $22.98 a month for it. Reading the paper first thing in the morning is a habit of many years I can't break. But your Inside Joplin is No. 1 with me. [And I like your price better].

Randy said...

The prices came from a flyer that was in the Thursday edition of the Globe that I bought at Casey's. It appears the loyal subscribers don't get the same kind of affection from the Globe as the new ones.