Saturday, January 09, 2016

About KSN's "We don't sell ratings, we sell results" ads

If ever there was an advertisement that was not aimed at the regular public, it is the one that has aired recently on KSN.

The announcer proclaims, "We don't sell ratings; we sell results."

After that, you hear testimonials from satisfied customers about the benefits they have received from advertising on KSN (and most likely, also with sister station KODE).

(Update: I just heard the same ad for KODE.)

Those ads, obviously, are aimed at advertisers and not the rest of us.

There is nothing inaccurate in the ads, but some facts are conveniently omitted.

Television advertising is usually sold on the basis of ratings, with the rates being set by how well programs perform during the sweep months of February, May, and November.

KSNF has two reasons for not selling ratings:

1. Its Nielsen ratings are far below those of the top-rated station in the area, KOAM.

2. Even with the programs where KSN might have something to crow about with the Nielsen ratings, they can't use them, because parent company Nexstar Broadcasting does not pay the Nielsen company for those ratings, therefore cannot use the ratings to promote itself.

I have no doubt that the testimonials on the KSN ad are sincere and that there are other businesses that feel the same way.

That being said, I am certain KSN ad salespeople would much prefer to be able to sell ratings and results.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, KOAM, KODE, KSN or Fox subscribe to Nielsen anymore due to inaccuracy. Rentrak is the new measure that is used for all Joplin affiliates.

Anonymous said...

**I made a typo in that. Should have said, "don't subscribe."