Saturday, January 09, 2016

Russian national: Joplin businessmen cheated me out of $3.5 million

In a lawsuit filed this week in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri, a resident of the Russian Federation claims that three Joplin businessmen cheated him out of $3.53 million in a fraudulent scheme involving technology companies and gold belonging to the royal family of Thailand.

Named as defendants in the nine-count lawsuit are John Steven Vanderbol III, Scott Walker, and David Odell Boyer.

The lawyers for the plaintiff, Artem Borisanov, claim the Joplin residents "defrauded him out of $3.53 million through a complex and completely fabricated investment scheme which was perpetrated from Joplin."

Borisanov says the scheme began in 2012 when he loaned $1.25 million "to a company which was purportedly to sell gold owned by the Thai Royal Family." Months later, Borisanov says he was told the sale would not take place, but he was convinced to reinvest his money in high-tech companies "which allegedly had hundreds of millions of assets, intellectual property, and contracts worth billions of U. S. dollars."

Borisanov invested $3.53 million between 2012 and 2014.

The lawsuit claims there was never any contract to purchase Thai gold and that the companies with which Borisanov invested "had no assets, intellectual property, contracts or anything of significant value.

"Defendants stole Plaintiff's money through baldfaced lies and fraud."

The lawsuit offers details of several companies, all of which reportedly operated out of Joplin, but were incorporated in Nevada, Ireland, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. The main company appears to be Zfere Holdings, which was organized in St Kitts and Nevis, which are Caribbean islands.

At first, the lawsuit claims, the Joplin men told Borisanov of different opportunities, including a claim in November 2013 that Wall Street executives were "ready to invest $40 million. This was a fabrication. There were no Wall Street investors."

When Borisanov began asking for the return of his money, the lawsuit says, he was put off by claims that money had been embezzled and that the company was under investigation. Borisanov says those claims were false.

Borisanov is represented by the Rouse Hendricks German May PC law firm of Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much the Nigerian prince got out of him?

Steve Holmes said...

Just when I thought Joplin's doings couldn't get any stranger. The Blasters, Wallace Bajjali. Now this. Is there something in the water?

Anonymous said...

This is awesome-ski.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question... Where are you getting this information? I have spoken to one of the accused and no one knows anything about a lawsuit. As a matter of fact, the accused, found out about these accusations from Facebook.

There have been no papers served, nothing on casenet, nothing anywhere... Except here.

How then Mr. Turner do you have this inside information?

Is it your practice to make such wild claims before anyone has any facts whatsoever?

Randy said...

Obviously, you must not be a regular reader of this blog. My information on lawsuits comes directly from the court files themselves, as did the information in this case. As I wrote in the post, the case was filed last week in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri. This is a federal case, therefore it would not be on It is on the federal court websites, which can be accessed through PACER. I received an e-mail last night from one of those who is being sued and I sent him a copy of the lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:09

Don't you kind of feel like an idiot now? An apology to Turner would be appropriate, but I really don't think you're man enough to do it. Perhaps you will, but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Is it your practice to make such wild claims before anyone has any facts whatsoever?

It is idiots like you that obviously do not read and/or comprehend posts that give anonymous commenters a bad name.

ProTip: Park your Pacer and subscribe to PACER.

Anonymous said...

What is Zfere North America, Inc., which appatrently calims to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Zfere Holdings Inc?

Because this press release makes it sound like they could be YOOGE! It might even be like a Wallace Bajjali BIZ RADIO type situation. But I'm no expert. Always read the prospectus and check for rap sheets and outstanding warrants before investing.

"About Zfere's Platform

Zfere's social commerce platform ( ) features tactile technology which enables a user to simply "touch to find" any product, good or service available at a local level from any picture, movie or IPTV content viewed within the integrated media player or social media console. The platform also allows seamless interaction with up to sixteen social media networks through a single interface on any mobile device currently running the Android or Apple mobile operating systems. The company integrates several mobile technologies and manages a peer to peer bandwidth sharing network as well as personal data cloud services for its members in addition to a comprehensive business management and marketing suite geared towards small to medium sized businesses. The company projects complete infrastructure deployment and products availability to all US Markets before the end of the year.

About Zfere

Zfere North America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Zfere Holdings Inc., tasked with deployment, management and operation of the North American social commerce platform operates its own fiber optic backbone and is expanding its computation infrastructure. Currently, the company is completing durability testing in several US Markets as part of its deployment strategy.

Zfere Holdings Inc. (Nevis) –an enhanced, converged new media company designs, develops, and implements viable technologies for social media, social commerce, marketing, and Mobile Payment systems. Its products from inception are designed to operate seamlessly with mobile devices in order to define and implement the next evolution in communications, commerce, and community."

Who wouldn't want some of that? This could be another hidden Joplin success story.

Anonymous said...

>>I received an e-mail last night from one of those who is being sued and I sent him a copy of the lawsuit.<<


How the big dogs roll in Webb City?

Anonymous said...

Zfere is a fictional company

Anonymous said...

I read the filing. Wow!!!! Very detail. Seems that this would get wider coverage. He can't be the only person that was swindled.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if anyone has bothered to check to see how much of his resume and background is true:

Very odd videos out there too:

Anonymous said...

He also has a warrant out for his arrest in Oklahoma, and is going through a divorce in Texas due to adultery. Search the guy in certain counties in Texas and Florida and you'll find he has a long history of writing bad checks and skipping out on court hearings.

Anonymous said...

David boyer has always been a liar and a theif. Be good to see him get charged for his role in this scam

Anonymous said...

So I searched John Vanderbol on Oklahoma Case Net, and you'll see he has TWO warrants for his arrest in Oklahoma. And in reading a few of the court documents - this guy currently also has a restraining order against him barring him from any contact with his kid there, and one of the reasons mentioned in the Order as to why was, "Respondent has frequented prostitutes while the minor child was in his care." Wow.…

Anonymous said...

well, if you look on PACER you'll find that the Russian after a year of trying to make a case, got full discovery and decided to dismiss his case. Reading the counter filings, this is an admission that his claim was / is bogus and that he worked with people to embezzle money from Zfere Holdings and the defendants (Walker, Boyer and Vanderbol) On top of that the Russian and others have been named in a federal lawsuit as defendants in New York filed by Zfere Holdings.

Also on another interesting note, Vanderbol filed a federal lawsuit in Oklahoma against the judge, three attorneys and two ex-wives for fraud and civil rights violations and the Texas judges recused themselves. Sounds like Vanderbol fought back, proved no fraud occurred and is moving after his ex-wives and their attorneys as well. oh btw. he's already won a Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling in his favor on the subject and its rulings are FINAL.

So the guy had a stroke, got embezzled on, the friend of the embezzlers sued him, his ex-wives conspired and had his kids kidnapped from him using the information in the Russians lawsuit. He's won a supreme court ruling, won this case, gotten two judges recused and has filed a multi-hundred million dollar lawsuit against the courts in Oklahoma and the ex's.

anyone have any popcorn?