Thursday, August 04, 2016

Brunner apologizes; Greitens donor doesn't own teenage sex slave

(From John Brunner)

John Brunner today issued the following statement retracting a previous statement which referenced one of the donors of Eric Greitens:
“During my campaign for the Republican nomination for Missouri Governor, I made certain statements concerning a contributor to Eric Greitens’ campaign who donated $1 million to that campaign. I subsequently received further information indicating that a portion of my prior statements were erroneous. I therefore retract any and all statements I made suggesting that the contributor to Mr. Greitens’ campaign was a sex slave owner, or the owner of a teenage sex slave.”


Anonymous said...

Wow...conservatives are fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Ain't it amazing that he waits until after he loses to make that retraction. Guess that is what he means by "being guided by his Christian principles". What a dipstick.

Ron said...

Well crud. As a pro-teenage-sex-slave voter, now I feel misled. I was under the assumption that Greitens would make it easier for me to get my own teenage sex slave. While we're on the subject, what's Rod Jetton up to these days?