Thursday, February 16, 2017

Billy Long lobbies Trump for a job for actress Fran Drescher, brags about ties to Japanese leaders

Seventh District Congressman Billy Long had a golden opportunity to make a pitch for his southwest Missouri constituents this morning, but chose instead to boast about his connection to the Japanese prime minister and make a pitch for a job for actress Fran Drescher, who played The Nanny in the series of the same name.

Long, along with nine other Congress members who supported Trump's candidacy, met with the president for a listening session this morning.

The transcript shows that Long spoke more than any of his fellow Congressmen.

While most of the Congress members simply introduced themselves, Long began a conversation with the president and almost outtalked him.

The transcript of Long's conversation with the president is printed below:

CONGRESSMAN LONG: Billy Long, Missouri 7th. And I’m co-chair of the Congressional Study Group on Japan. I’m going to be leading the delegation to Japan Saturday, meeting with Prime Minister Abe on Monday.

THE PRESIDENT: He’s a great guy.

CONGRESSMAN LONG: So if you will tell me how many golf balls he lost in Florida. I don't know how many House of Representative golf balls to take. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: He played well, I'll tell you. And you know, we played with Ernie Els. I called up Billy -- I said, see if you can get me somebody good to play with; I have the Prime Minister of Japan who wants to play golf. So we get to the front of the club, and Ernie Els is waiting for us. He said, when you're ready. So we had a good time.

No, he played very nicely, and he’s a great guy. You're going to like him. I like him.

CONGRESSMAN LONG: Oh, yeah, I’ve met him the last three or four years -- met with him there. He’s a great guy. And I knew you all would hit it off because you're both people persons and a great personalities.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we had a good feeling.

CONGRESSMAN LONG: So I knew you guys would get along good.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I always said about President Obama, it’s great to play golf, but play golf with heads of countries. And, by the way, people like yourself, when you're looking for votes, don't play with your friends who you play with every week. (Laughter.) Does that make sense?

CONGRESSMAN LONG: Yeah, it does.

THE PRESIDENT: I hit it off with the Prime Minister. He is a fabulous guy. He’s -- loves his country. And we spoke all day long and well into the night. As you know, they launched a missile in North Korea, and we were discussing that. So it was really something.

But have a good time over there.


THE PRESIDENT: And give him my regards.

CONGRESSMAN LONG: Ambassador Sasae was in my district for two full days, and he mentioned he was with you down there to play golf.


CONGRESSMAN LONG: He’s another great guy -- he and his wife both.

THE PRESIDENT: They're all good.

CONGRESSMAN LONG: One last quick thing. Fran Drescher, from “The Nanny” --


CONGRESSMAN LONG: -- said you were on “The Nanny” one time. She has a request with her battle for cancer that you have a cancer board that has one non-medical person. So she wanted me to put her name in the hat for that. My daughter came through a successful cancer battle.

THE PRESIDENT: She’s fought hard. She’s fought hard. Yes. You know what, if you would, Billy, why don't you give me that request? And we’ll see if we can do that.

CONGRESSMAN LONG: We will. I’ll give it to your people. Thank you.

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Harvey Hutchinson said...

Heart warming story!

God Bless Congressman Long and Fran Dreecher, and Congressman Long's daughter!!

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